How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for CrawlNow

Proxy for CrawlNow? CrawlNow‘s objective is to make it easy and affordable for businesses to leverage online data – the world’s largest and fastest-growing data source.

Web data can be leveraged to obtain a competitive edge, market intelligence, process efficiencies, and much more in today’s data-driven environment. However, scraping the web, particularly at scale, needs a specialized skill set due to the modern web’s dynamic and complicated nature. CrawlNow is your dependable partner that will manage your data collection operations entirely on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

CrawlNow Founder Created Bing Search Bots

CrawlNow was founded with the objective of leveling the playing field for web data access. Even those who lack Microsoft’s and Google’s resources should be able to gain intelligence from the world’s greatest data set.

While working with Microsoft and other large technology companies for 15 years and developing web crawlers for Bing Search, the founder witnessed firsthand the value that online data can have for any business and the effort required to make it accessible

Proxy for CrawlNow: Why are proxies necessary for data web crawling?


  1. Utilizing a proxy (particularly a pool of proxies — more on this later) enables considerably more reliable page crawling, significantly decreasing the likelihood of your spider being banned or blocked.
  2. By using a proxy, you can send your request from a specified geographical region or device (for example, a mobile IP address), allowing you to view the website’s content tailored to that location or device. This is incredibly useful when extracting product information from internet shops.
  3. By utilizing a proxy pool, you can send a greater volume of requests to a specified website without incurring a ban.
  4. By using a proxy, you can circumvent blanket IP limitations imposed by some websites. For instance, websites frequently block queries from AWS due to a history of bad actors overwhelming websites with massive amounts of requests via AWS servers.
  5. Using a proxy, you can establish an unlimited number of concurrent sessions to the same or other websites.
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