What is a 4G Proxy and How Does it Work?

4G proxy is a proxy that uses mobile IP addresses or that redirects web traffic from cellular network-connected mobile devices. This proxy offers an additional layer of anonymity and is known for having a high IP trust score

What is a proxy?

A proxy server serves as an internet gateway. It is an intermediate server that separates end-users from the browsing websites. Proxy servers offer various degrees of versatility, security and privacy, depending on your situation of usage, requirements, or company policy.

If you are using a proxy server, the internet traffic runs through the proxy server on its way to the address you need. The request then returns the data retrieved from the website from the similar proxy server (there are exceptions to this rule), and then the proxy server will send it to you.

If that’s everything it does, then why bother using it? Modern proxy servers do far more than relay web requests, all in the name of data protection and performance in the network. Proxy servers serve as a firewall and web filter, provide access to the local network and cache data to speed specific requests. A strong proxy server protects users and the internal network from the negative things that are happening out in the wild internet. Finally, it is possible that proxy servers provide a high level of confidentiality.

Are you still wondering what really a proxy is? A proxy server or proxy is a server that serve as an intermediary point of contact between you and the web page you would like to visit. Proxy servers process your web request and data about the website , making your web browsing protected and private.

A proxy allows you to go online under the name of another IP address.

So, how does a proxy work? Each internet computer requires to have a unique Internet Protocol ( IP ) address. Think of that IP address as the street address of your computer. Just like the post office recognizes how to deliver your mail to your street address, the web knows how to send the correct data through the IP address to the correct device. A proxy server is essentially an internet machine with its own IP address which is known to your user. When you send a web request, your request is first addressed to the proxy server. The proxy server then submits your web request on your behalf, gathers the web server response and forward the web page data to you so that you can see the link in your browser. If your web requests are forwarded by the proxy server, it can adjust the data you send, and still get the data you want to see. A proxy server can change your IP address, therefore the web server does not know exactly where you are located in the world. It can protect your data so they become unreadable.And lastly, a proxy server can block access to certain web pages, based on IP address. If you want to more how proxies work, especially 4g/LTE or mobile  and how essential they are to your business, contact us at The Social Proxy.