Dolphin Anty AntiDetect browser — The Ultimate Guide

Ever heard of antidetect browsers being used to manage social media accounts? If this rings a bell, this article is for you. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to safely add social media accounts to browser profiles without entering your usernames and passwords. This provides enhanced privacy and security when browsing online and connecting new accounts. 


There solutions may help you with:

Fingerprint Management

Separated Profiles


What is Dolphin Anty?

Dolphin Anty is a browser specifically designed for traffic arbitrage. It has features optimized for media purchasing, funneling, and multi-accounting in the crypto sphere. In addition, the browser offers features like mobile proxy IP switching, cookie automation, and teamwork solutions. It also has reliable browser fingerprint obfuscation technology and can generate trusted fingerprints. Dolphin Anty helps automate routine tasks and easily manage multiple browser profiles, making it an ideal tool for increasing online privacy and security, traffic arbitrage, and monitoring.

How Does Dolphin Anty Work?

Dolphin Anty works by using advanced techniques to avoid detection by websites. It does this by changing your browser’s fingerprint, which includes your browser version, operating system, and other identifying information. This makes it difficult for websites to track your activity or block your account. Dolphin Anty also has a built-in proxy manager that allows you to manage multiple proxies at once, which further enhances your anonymity.

Features of Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty has several features that make it an ideal browser for social media management. These include:

Antidetect Browser

Dolphin Anty is an anti-detect browser that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts without getting blocked or flagged. This is because it uses advanced techniques to avoid detection by websites, such as changing your browser’s fingerprint and using multiple proxies.

Multiple Proxies

Dolphin Anty has a built-in proxy manager that allows you to manage multiple proxies at once. This means you can easily switch between proxies to avoid detection and improve your anonymity.

User-Agent Manager

Dolphin Anty also has a built-in user-agent manager that allows you to change your browser’s user-agent string. This makes it difficult for websites to track your activity and improves your anonymity.

WebRTC Leak Protection

Dolphin Anty also has WebRTC leak protection, which prevents your IP address from leaking while using WebRTC applications. This further enhances your anonymity and improves your security.

How to Use Dolphin Anty for Social Media Management?

  1. Please visit the Dolphin Anty website and register for an account.


  1. Navigate to the Browsers section and proceed to create a profile.

New Profile


You can choose your preferred user-agent from the available options of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Additionally, you have the option to generate a new fingerprint. Although it is not required to specify your browser type, you may choose to do so.

One of the key benefits of this anti-detect browser is that it allows you to easily upload your social media profile’s cookies in JSON format, eliminating the need to enter your username and password. This feature is particularly convenient for agencies managing client accounts, as clients may not want to share their login credentials. Instead, the agency can simply request the client’s profile cookies and import them into the browser profile.



3. Adding of proxies


It’s worth noting that some people may not use proxies if they manage a maximum of two personal profiles. However, if you’re managing multiple accounts, it’s highly recommended that you use proxies to secure your profiles and maintain anonymity and confidentiality. When it comes to dealing with social media, mobile proxies are considered the best option as they have high trust scores and can protect your accounts from getting flagged or banned.

No Proxy

New Proxy


Adding a proxy is easy. Simply follow the format provided below.

If applicable to the proxy you’re using, you can also add a “Change IP URL”. This allows you to change your IP address as needed.

Take advantage of the ‘saved proxies’ feature in the Proxy Manager for additional functionality.

To add a proxy to the Proxy Manager, click “Add” in the “Proxies” section and follow the provided format. In the following example, we added an HTTP proxy.

Click on the “Add” button.



For those who find it cumbersome to add browser extensions every time they create a new profile, this feature is a major advantage. Simply add your preferred browser extensions here, and they’ll be automatically added to any new browser profiles you create.


Dolphin{anty} Remote API Docs (


Базовая автоматизация | Dolphin Anty Docs



One of the most important features of Dolphin Anty is the ability to integrate Facebook ads. In addition, you can set up statuses, tags, or labels for your accounts in this section, making it easier to keep track of them.


To view your billing details, click on the link below.

Dolphin Anty Panel


If you encounter any problems or bugs, you can take advantage of the live chat feature to communicate with their support team in real-time.



This section allows you to add users with whom you can share access to your license.


If you come across any bugs or have recommendations, you can submit your feedback here for the Dolphin team to review.



You can access this content in two languages: English and Russian.

Contrast Polarity

Depending on your preference, you can select either Dark or Light mode. Choose the mode that makes you feel more comfortable.

There you have it! With these tools at your disposal, you can now browse the internet and manage your social media profiles with safety, efficiency, and ease.

Benefits of Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty offers several benefits for social media management, including:


Dolphin Anty allows you to surf the internet anonymously, making it difficult for websites to track your activity or block your account. This makes it an ideal browser for social media management, as it allows you to manage multiple social media accounts without getting flagged.


Dolphin Anty offers enhanced security features, such as WebRTC leak protection and multiple proxies, which improve your overall security while using the browser.


Dolphin Anty is a fast and efficient browser that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts with ease. Its built-in proxy manager and user-agent manager make it easy to switch between proxies and change your user-agent string.


Dolphin Anty is the ultimate anti-detect browser for social media management. Its advanced techniques for avoiding detection, multiple proxies, user-agent manager, and WebRTC leak protection make it an ideal browser for managing various social media accounts with ease. If you’re in the business of social media management, Dolphin Anty is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

5G & 4G Proxies for Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is an antidetect software used mainly for multiple accounts. In addition, Dolphin Anty features multiple user profiles, browser fingerprint management, proxy and VPN integration, cookie management, 2-factor authentication, and anti-detection technology. Dolphin Anty provides a comprehensive and secure login solution for individuals and businesses.

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Anonymity and Enhanced Productivity for Web Browsing and Webmasters

Dolphin Anty is not only beneficial for everyday web browsing but also for webmasters who require anonymity for work. As a result, the benefits of using paid resources, such as those that protect against cyber assaults or boost productivity, more than outweigh the costs.

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