How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for Mass Planner

You can have many accounts on social media platforms and use a proxy for Mass Planner to manage them more securely. This way, you can make the accounts safer, as you will not be logging in from the same IP address. In addition, you can associate the proxies with each account into which you intend to log in.

How to configure Mass Planner to use a proxy server?

1. Open Massplanner, log in, and go to the Dashboard.

2. Choose Proxy Manager.
3. Select Add Proxy to make a new row to insert one of your Instagram proxies.

4. Click Verify All Proxies.

5. Check if your proxy is valid.

Using A Proxy for Mass Planner

Indeed, in today’s computer world, managing many identities on social networking websites is always problematic. Thus, it can be concluded that this item will assist you in significantly increasing the security of your Facebook account. 

The procedure for accomplishing the same thing is really simple. What you need to do is log into your existing social media account. You will then navigate to your profile. For instance, in your Facebook profile, you will notice three extra textboxes. First, you’ll input the port and IP address in a specific format. IP: PORT is the format. If you’re using it for a public proxy, this will suffice. 

However, if you wish to perform the same thing with the private proxy, you must enter your username and password in the following two sections. Without a doubt, a private proxy will always be preferable because it will increase the security of your accounts. This is why it is always recommended to use a private proxy. Thus, a proxy for mass planners is fairly simple to implement.