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The Social Proxy is a leading provider of top quality, high speed and never blacklisted 5G and 4G San Francisco mobile proxies. Their innovative proxy technology provides uninterrupted and limitless mobile connectivity, allowing clients to get access to a pool of IPs used by authentic users. With Social Proxy’s mobile proxies, their clientele can rest assured that they will receive efficient and top-quality proxy service.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Our cutting-edge 5G Proxies getting up to 300 Mbps download speed

Unlimited Mobile IPs

An endless pool of highly trusted mobile IPs that can rotate on demand


Multiple carriers including T-mobile and Verizion. Multi-location

Overcome Data Scraping Challenges with The Social Proxy's San Francisco Mobile Proxy

If you are facing challenges with data scraping due to frequent detection and blocking, The Social Proxy's San Francisco 5G & 4G mobile proxy is the answer you need. Our mobile proxies are designed to provide exceptional speed, reliable IPs, and unlimited connections, making data scraping a breeze.

United States

San Francisco

Ethically sourced proxies

we believe that ethically sourced should  be the only proxy

Reliable infrastructure

Our team ensure upto
success rate of Mobile Residential Proxies

Browse the Internet with Unlimited Identities and IPs with The Social Proxy's Exclusive Mobile IPs

The fresh and clean IPs produced by The Social Proxy’s mobile proxies are connected with specific ports from modems, users have unrestricted bandwidth usage, full access to an ISP's IP pool, and the exclusive use of an IP address from a dedicated proxy are some features that enable clients to browse the internet with unlimited identities and IPs that are not on any blacklist.

  • Experience uninterrupted and reliable IP addresses with automatic rotation.
  • Private ports from dedicated modems for enhanced security
  • Unlimited data usage for every individual IP.
  • Secure access to private IPs
  • Full utilization of an ISP IP Pool with ongoing rotation
  • Wide range of highly reliable mobile IPs for dynamic rotation

Reliable San Francisco Mobile Proxies by The Social Proxy: Unmatched Features Included

If you are someone who relies on data scraping to gather information for your operations, The Social Proxy mobile proxies is the perfect solution that lets you crawl and extract data from the source safely and more efficiently. Whether you are a data analyst, a marketing professional, or an entrepreneur, you need reliable and efficient data scraping tools to stay ahead of the competition.

  • High uptime (up to 99.9%)
  • Pre-selected and tested proxies
  • Low chance of IP blocks

A proxy server acts as an intermediary computer through which your internet traffic is routed. When you connect to a proxy server, all your network activity passes through this server before reaching the wider web. 

Using a proxy server offers several advantages, including safeguarding your anonymity and privacy by concealing your IP address and personally identifiable data from websites and internet services, thereby enhancing online privacy and anonymity. Additionally, it enables the bypassing of geolocation restrictions on specific websites and online services, making your traffic appear to originate from a different country. 

Proxy servers can also filter out undesirable content, such as explicit material or malware, which benefits parents and employers wishing to control internet access for children and employees. Furthermore, by caching frequently visited websites and content, proxy servers can occasionally enhance internet performance, particularly for users with slower internet connections.

Location-Specific Proxies: Overview

Location-specific proxies, situated in specific countries or regions, hold significant importance for various purposes. These proxies prove invaluable in addressing geolocation-related challenges by enabling users to circumvent restrictions imposed on websites and online services based on their geographical location. This capability is especially useful when accessing content limited to a specific country or dealing with online censorship.

Moreover, location-specific proxies are essential for conducting market research in different countries. For instance, employing a US proxy allows researchers to access the Amazon website in the United States, facilitating the examination of popular products and their prices in that market.

Additionally, these proxies serve as valuable resources for gathering competitive intelligence on businesses operating in diverse countries. By using a location-specific proxy, such as an Israel proxy, individuals can access a competitor’s website in Israel to study their products and strategies.

Furthermore, location-specific proxies enhance online security by masking the origin of your internet traffic with a different country. This added layer of security can make it more challenging for competitors to monitor your online activities or launch malware attacks. In summary, location-specific proxies are key in addressing geolocation issues, conducting market research, gathering competitive intelligence, and bolstering online security, making them indispensable tools for various individuals and businesses.

Benefits of San Francisco 5G & 4G Mobile Private Proxies

San Francisco mobile proxies offer many exceptional benefits, making them a preferred choice for various online tasks. These proxies are synonymous with remarkable speed and top-notch performance, owing to San Francisco’s status as a significant internet traffic hub. Mobile proxies in the city are typically connected to high-speed cellular networks, rendering them ideal for bandwidth-intensive activities such as video streaming, large file downloads, and online gaming.

One notable advantage of San Francisco mobile proxies is their ability to grant access to region-restricted content. Thanks to their geolocation targeting capabilities, these proxies can pinpoint specific geographic areas. For instance, if you find yourself outside the United States and need to access a US-only website, a San Francisco mobile proxy becomes a valuable tool.

In addition to these benefits, San Francisco mobile proxies offer scalability and reliability. They are well-suited for scaling web scraping and automation tasks by accommodating multiple users on a shared proxy server. This scalability proves invaluable for tasks that involve the collection and processing of substantial data volumes.

Moreover, San Francisco mobile proxies are highly reliable due to their connectivity to high-speed cellular networks. This reliability makes them an excellent choice for online banking and business transactions, where a stable internet connection is paramount.

In overview, San Francisco mobile proxies outshine regular proxies across various tasks with their exceptional speed, region-restriction bypass capabilities, scalability, and reliability, making them an advantageous option for various online activities.

Choosing the Right San Francisco Mobile Proxy Provider

When selecting a San Francisco mobile proxy provider, several crucial factors come into play:

Network Size: The size of the provider’s network directly impacts the number of available IP addresses and where they can be effectively used. A larger network can offer more flexibility and options.

Speed and Reliability: Assess the speed and reliability of the provider’s network, especially if your tasks demand fast internet access or a stable connection. Reliability is vital to avoid disruptions during critical activities.

Pricing: Mobile proxy providers typically charge a monthly fee. It’s wise to compare prices from different providers to find the most cost-effective option that aligns with your budget.

Customer Support: A reliable provider should offer good customer support. This becomes crucial if you encounter issues with the proxies or require assistance with your account. Responsive and helpful customer support can greatly improve your overall experience.

In your selection process for a San Francisco mobile proxy provider, it’s essential to follow some key steps. Start by delving into user reviews to gain insights into the provider’s strengths and weaknesses, providing a glimpse into the overall user experience.

Next, it’s advisable to test the service. Many mobile proxy providers offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee, allowing you to evaluate the service’s suitability before committing to a paid subscription.

Lastly, tailor your choice to your specific needs. If speed and reliability are top priorities, opt for a provider renowned for these attributes. Conversely, if accessing region-locked content is your primary goal, ensure that the provider offers IP addresses in the desired region to meet your requirements effectively. By following these steps, you can make an informed decision and select a San Francisco mobile proxy provider that best matches your needs and preferences.

Unlock the Power of Premium San Francisco 5G & 4G
Mobile Proxies

Dependable Rotation of IP Addresses

Trustworthy IP Addresses Available for Rotation Upon Request:

  • Place your trust in our proxies to consistently provide dependable IP addresses that seamlessly rotate.
  • Ensure an uninterrupted browsing experience with unparalleled performance and unwavering reliability as you navigate online.

Multilocation Feature

Overcoming Geo-blocking:

  • By connecting to a server where content is available, users can bypass geo-restrictions and access desired content.
  • Improved network performance is achieved by connecting to a server with lower latency and faster response times.

Unrestricted Data Usage

Boundless Data Usage for Each IP:

  • Enjoy limitless data usage for each IP address.
  • Maximize your browsing capabilities and conquer any obstacles for uninterrupted progress.

Intuitive Dashboard

Simplify proxy management with The Social Proxy’s user-friendly dashboard. Easily handle proxies, view usage stats, and track data usage. Streamline your proxy experience and leave behind manual complexities.

Real Mobile Devices

Immerse yourself in a genuine 5G and 4G mobile connection that replicates the experience of real users.

Boundless Connectivity

Experience unrestricted connectivity with our San Francisco 5G and 4G mobile proxy, effortlessly managing multiple accounts with unlimited traffic flow.

So, why choose us?

The Social Proxy offers a comprehensive set of proxy management tools through our cutting-edge dashboard. Our San Francisco 5G & 4G mobile proxies provide real and limitless connections, giving users the ability to manage multiple accounts with unrestricted traffic.

The Social Proxy’s dashboard is built to provide users with a smooth experience when managing their mobile proxies. The dashboard is easy to navigate and offers a comprehensive list of features that grants the clients to monitor and control their proxies hassle-free. From the dashboard, users can view their list of proxies and manage their accounts.

The Social Proxy’s San Francisco mobile proxies are known for their exceptional speed, which ranges from 100 to 400 mbps, making them the fastest 4G or 5G mobile San Francisco proxies in the market. The Social Proxy is committed to maintaining high standards of proxy service. Thus, owning all of our hardware, including servers, allows them to ensure that their clients receive affordable, secure, and uninterrupted service that meets their needs.

The Social Proxy provides constant and competent customer support to make certain that our clients’ projects remain operational and are running smoothly.

All in all, our San Francisco mobile proxies are a superb option for anyone who requires dependable and efficient mobile connections, easy to navigate dashboard and professional customer service.

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