With our premium proxies and experienced team, companies can focus on data analysis rather than data delivery. Explore TheSocialProxy 5G & 4G proxy solutions for each business case, industry, use case, target or tool.


5G & 4G Proxy for SEO Monitoring

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxy for SEO Monitoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for any online business. If you are searching for professional proxies for SEO monitoring to help accelerate your ventures, we’ve got the perfect answer for you. Whether you are tracking ranks, reviewing website translations, local listings or Google’s mobile-first index, accuracy is essential.  The problem with SEO monitoring is that IP restrictions, limited geolocation options, and the potential for IP blocking or rate limiting can hinder accurate and efficient data collection. Our solutions are designed to help you with: Restricted geo-location Non relevant results Scalability How can we overcome this? This can be resolved by using mobile proxies, which provide a pool of mobile IP addresses to bypass restrictions, emulate user


5G & 4G Proxy for Product Management

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxies for Product Management Being a sales manager in a very competitive market room, you know how the price of your sales sends out messages about your brand identity to prospective customers. Do you like to be set as the best value choice or as a luxury brand? Pricing of products – particularly when compared to similar brands – plays a huge role in influencing expectations of the consumers. Hence, how do you find out, easily and effectively, which rivals are paying and where you stand on the market? Our solutions offer assistance in: Geo-location with limited privileges Low speed Expandability Optimize Product Management Mobile proxies streamline product management by solving localization challenges, enabling market testing, ensuring accurate pricing


5G & 4G Proxy for Travel Aggregation

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxies for Travel Aggregation What are travel aggregators? Travel aggregators are websites that has all of the relevant travel information in one place. These sites help consumers see which flight is the cheapest by telling them about deals, travel aggregators have all this in one space making it easy for customers to make smarter traveling choices. Our solutions may help you with: Restricted geo-location Low speed Scalability Navigating Challenges in Travel Aggregation Platforms Travel aggregation platforms face challenges such as geolocation-based restrictions, rate limiting, price discrimination, access to localized content, and data collection limitations. Add Your Heading Text Here Text HereText Here The Importance of Proxies in Travel Aggregation Travel aggregation websites are those platforms where you can search


5G & 4G Proxy for Security Management

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxies for Security Management Weaknesses in protection will put you and your company at huge risk. Within today’s increasingly demanding world of cybersecurity, companies need the assurance that their information is secure and locked away from those who want to exploit vulnerabilities and damage. Our solutions offer assistance in: Geo-location under limitations Low speed Scaling potential Rapid Threat Identification and Security Evaluation Hackers are skilled, and can recognize and confuse IP addresses that return to test enforcement on a regular basis. With 4G & 5G proxy for security management, you are protected even when your company is idle. Even when you are resting, sleeping, or eating, we are here to have you secured. We got you 24 by 7!


5G & 4G Mobile Proxy for Brand Protection

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Mobile Proxy for Brand Protection Brand protection is an essential part of day-to-day operations. Although intangible, it takes time to create a logo, idea, innovation and brand, and even longer time to attain recognition. After all this hard work, it can be counterproductive for another person or business to misinterpret, exploit, duplicate or resell such copyrighted materials. In order to avoid being caught, copyright infringers can monitor the IPs of those who access their site and modify the images, wording and content consequently.  Our solutions will help you: Collect geo-specific product data Bypass blocks and CAPTCHAs Scalability How can you overcome this? Whole industries have developed purely for the purpose of discovering those who participate in piracy, but those who

business development

5G & 4G Proxy for Business Development

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxy for Business Development When you’re a business that sells to buyers around the world, your success depends on gaining more customers in existing or new markets, influencing customer service, seeking discounts and pricing your products informally. Whatever market you target, your company must always remain important and competitive. Our solutions have the potential to benefit you in: Restricted access to geo-location Slow speed Scaling potential Ensure Accurate and Customized Data for Informed Business Decisions In today’s busy business reality, you must rely on real-time insights gathered from online data, customized to your business needs specifically. Yet how do you attain this information from your rivals, without being flagged and ignored, blocked or knowingly misled? How do you make sure


How to Use The Social Proxy’s 4G Proxy for E-Commerce

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxies for E-Commerce E-commerce sites are some of the most complex target sites and the right type of proxy is important to decide whether you can meet your goals online. If you scrape data for price analysis or market study, or attempt to administer accounts – these are the best providers for you. Digital e-commerce is a dynamic environment with prices varying drastically from different sites to countries. Our solutions offer potential help with: Geo-location with controlled access Low speed Scalability E-commerce Proxies: Enhancing Privacy, Security, and Accessibility Online transactions have become an integral part of our lives, and ensuring privacy, security, and anonymity has become a paramount concern. This is where proxies step in as valuable tools that

Marketing Management

5G & 4G Proxy for Marketing Management

Free trial Dashboard 5G & 4G Proxy for Marketing Management Any company that advertises online is vulnerable to ad fraud, such as fake clicks, false views and illegal ads. Fraud is an increasingly popular lucrative trend and is hard to eradicate from campaigns. Moreover, fraud attempts actually amount to 20 percent to 35 percent of all ad impressions, which is not just a lot of impressions lost to fraudsters but a significant proportion of customers not exposed to valuable inventories. Our solutions are capable of supporting you in: Geo-location under limitations Subpar speed Scalable capabilities How can you address and overcome this challenge? Mobile proxies with IP rotation and residential IP addresses help combat ad fraud by providing anonymity and credibility to advertisers. They make it

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