GoLogin AntiDetect browser — The Ultimate Guide

What is GoLogin? By changing all of the characteristics that websites can see, GoLogin allows you to hide and manage your digital fingerprint. Definition of GoLogin GoLogin is an antidetect software used mainly for multiple accounts. It is comparable to proxies and virtual private networks in terms of covering your online digital identity. However, this tool is better suited for tasks done in bulk

There solutions may help you with:

Fingerprint Management

Separated Profiles



With the help of web-tracking technologies like browser fingerprinting and cookies, websites keep tabs on users’ activities and behaviors as they surf the site in order to provide a better browsing experience. However, this poses a number of difficulties for users, including IP blocking.


Antidetect browsers let users manage their online identity. For example, it allows them to make their profiles alter their IP address, geolocation, and other characteristics that can identify the users. In addition, antidetect browsers can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, such as detecting fraud, managing multiple social media platforms, and accessing geo-restricted websites, among others.


But what really is online identity, and how can you manage it? The term “online identity management” refers to a set of practices that can be used to build, promote, and safeguard one’s online reputation. It is used as an important part of a reputation management strategy or branding to enhance the reliability of the data used to construct your online identity.


You can manage your online identity with the use of GoLogin! The antidetect software GoLogin allows users to hide and manage their digital fingerprints. It allows you to modify all parameters that websites observe, such as your IP address and hardware specifications. With GoLogin, even the largest big data companies’ anti-fraud systems are easily bypassed.

What is GoLogin?

By changing all of the characteristics that websites can see, GoLogin allows you to hide and manage your digital fingerprint.

Definition of GoLogin

GoLogin is an antidetect software used mainly for multiple accounts. It is comparable to proxies and virtual private networks in terms of covering your online digital identity. However, this tool is better suited for tasks done in bulk.

Features of GoLogin

The New York-based company responsible for it began operating in 2019. Thus, GoLogin is still in development.


Yet, here is what it can currently do:

1. Multiple User Profiles

GoLogin enables the management of multiple profiles simultaneously. Simply check the needed profiles, and you will be able to clone, add to folders, delete, and share them with others.

2. Browser Fingerprint Management

Fingerprints are a key component of web browser security, but they are difficult to manage. Using a browser with a stealth mode or a hardened setting won’t prevent you from being tracked. However, you can safeguard your data with GoLogin, which manages digital fingerprints consistently.

3. Proxy-N-VPN Integration

GoLogin offers free proxies from the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India. GoLogin only uses five shared proxies that are changed every week or two. Although you can try to work with GoLogin proxies, it is recommended that you purchase third-party ones that meet your requirements. 

4. Cookie Management

Using third-party Chrome extensions, GoLogin can import/export cookies, in addition, it can collect cookies from specific URLs with the help of a cookie robot.

5. 2-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a method of user identification that employs two types of authentication data. GoLogin has this additional layer of security that provides enhanced protection against unauthorized access to your account.

6. Anti-detection Technology

GoLogin provides superior data protection for complete user anonymity. It makes the parameters of the user to be as generic as possible so that the browser does not stand out, which is necessary for scraping.

Benefits of Using GoLogin

GoLogin provides a comprehensive and secure login solution for individuals and businesses. In addition, it offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage multiple accounts and proxies easily

Getting Started with GoLogin

How to Sign Up for GoLogin

You can sign up for GoLogin by making an account on their website or by using your Google account.

How to Download and Install GoLogin

You can download and install GoLogin on their website. The download will prompt immediately as you reach the download page.


GoLogin is compatible with Windows (including Windows 7 and 10) as well as Linux and Mac OS.

How to Create and Manage User Profiles  

New Profile

To add a new browser profile, click on the “New Profile” button. 


In the overview screen, you are presented with different options for an operating system. It is highly recommended to use the same operating system as yours or where your clients originally connected their account to make the fingerprint more consistent and reliable. 


In this section, you also have the button for “New Fingerprint”. If you are planning to connect multiple profiles and attach it to a single proxy, you can make use of this feature so you can configure the accounts with different fingerprints and they will be viewed as unique. 



Enter the proxy details in the designated field, using the correct format for your proxy type. This will allow you to connect to the internet through the proxy of your choice. Be sure to refer to the documentation for your proxy to ensure that you’re using the correct format.


GoLogin supports the use of various types of proxies, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. This allows you to choose the proxy type that works best for your needs. When configuring your proxies in GoLogin, make sure to select the appropriate proxy type for your specific proxy to ensure proper functionality.


If you’re looking to create and manage social media accounts, it’s crucial to use proxies that you can trust. Mobile proxies are highly recommended for this purpose because of their high trust scores.


For reliable and high-quality proxies, consider checking out The Social Proxy. They offer a range of proxies that can help you create and manage social media accounts securely and efficiently. Whether you’re a business owner or a social media manager, using mobile proxies from The Social Proxy can provide the anonymity and security you need to protect your accounts and your online reputation.


To help you understand how to fill in the required fields, here’s an example that demonstrates the correct format and data to use. This will serve as a guide to ensure that you enter the necessary information accurately and efficiently.

Another great feature of this is the simplified process for adding extensions. With this tool, you don’t need to open every profile to add an extension to your preferred browser profile. To see how it’s done, refer to the example below.




Security is a top priority when handling clients’ accounts. To keep these accounts safe, one solution is to import and export cookies. When we extract and import cookies directly, the new browser recognizes the new profile as its own. This helps prevent suspicious login activity.


In addition, using cookies is more convenient for clients, as they don’t have to share their usernames and passwords. Instead, they can simply export their cookies in JSON or Netscape format and share them with you.


If you’re using a Windows operating system, the following example will give you an idea of how it will look. 



For those using Android devices, here’s a version that’s compatible with your operating system.


As demonstrated above, these are the steps you need to follow to safely connect your Instagram accounts (or other platforms). By completing these steps, you’ll be able to share account access with your team, even if they’re located in different places. This allows you to connect multiple accounts and run them efficiently with the help of your team.

Managing Browser Fingerprints with GoLogin

Web browser fingerprinting is a technique that enables websites and online trackers to capture unique information about a user’s browser and operating system in order to uniquely identify and track them. Browser fingerprinting is an actual fact in the realm of online privacy, despite sounding like something from a spy film. 


Every Internet-connected device leaves digital footprints that could be used to identify users, making online privacy a rare commodity. Browser fingerprints are one of these identifiers.


As a sort of tracking, “browser fingerprinting” takes advantage of the configuration information that browsers share to websites. Various websites use it as a primary verification method against website scraping bots. This is a challenge for many businesses that want to make decisions based on data, as browser fingerprinting can impede web scraping. You can overcome this difficulty by updating your online profiles and making use of browser identity management platforms like GoLogin.


Let’s explore the main fingerprints that can be detected easily.

User Agent

The User Agent is a string of text that a web browser transmits to a web server, detailing the browser, its version, and the operating system. This data permits websites to optimize their content and layout for various browsers and platforms. User Agents can unfortunately be used to identify users and monitor their online activities. By integrating the information in the User Agent with other browser fingerprints, it is possible to generate a more comprehensive profile.

Screen Resolution and Color Depth

Additionally, the screen resolution and color depth of a user’s device can be used to create a browser imprint. These properties provide information regarding the monitor dimensions and color depth of the user. This may not appear to be a significant detail, but when combined with other characteristics, it can serve to create a more accurate user profile.

Browser Plugins and Fonts

The list of installed browser plugins and available fonts can also be used to monitor and identify users. Different users have different plugins and fonts installed, and websites can readily gather this information. Plugins like Adobe Flash or Java can provide additional information about a user’s system, making it simpler to generate a unique fingerprint.

Cookies and Local Storage

Websites use cookies and local storage to store information on a user’s device, allowing them to remember preferences and offer a more personalized browsing experience. Cookies can also be used to trace users across multiple websites, as third-party scripts can access them. Although cookie-based monitoring is more well-known, local storage can also be used for fingerprinting.

Canvas Fingerprinting in HTML5

HTML5 Canvas fingerprinting is one of the most advanced fingerprinting methods. The HTML5 canvas element allows websites to draw a concealed image, which is then rendered by the user’s web browser. The rendered image can vary marginally across browsers and operating systems, allowing websites to generate a unique fingerprint from the image data. This method is especially effective because it is challenging to detect or block.

WebRTC and Leaks of IP Address

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a technology that allows browsers to support real-time communication. However, it may also reveal the local and public IP addresses of the user, even when using a VPN or proxy. By collecting IP address information, websites and trackers may be able to infer a user’s location and create a more comprehensive browser fingerprint.


Web browser fingerprinting is a potent technique that can be utilized to uniquely identify and monitor internet users. As online privacy becomes a greater concern, it is crucial to be aware of the techniques used to collect browser fingerprints and to take precautions to safeguard your privacy. 


Using privacy-focused browsers, browser extensions that block tracking, and routinely clearing cookies and local storage are all viable solutions. Although it is difficult to completely avoid browser fingerprinting, adopting preventative measures can mitigate its negative effects on your online privacy.

GoLogin Best Use Cases

Ad Review

GoLogin analyzes advertising campaigns without having to hire a team. Install the software. Register the necessary profiles, and you’re done. Track your ads across platforms, sites, and social media. View your advertisement from the perspective of customers. You could improve it by adding or changing something. With GoLogin, you can independently oversee your advertising.

Affiliate Marketing and Partnership Programs

In GoLogin, a new Internet identity is created as a profile, a container with its own proxy and fingerprint settings that are kept and work after the tab is closed and reopened. The isolation between containers is guaranteed. In addition, data like cookies and cache are stored in different places and cannot get from one another.

Analysis of Advertising

With GoLogin, you can create profiles for multiple countries and post ads in regions where they are prohibited. But most of all, you can view yourself from the side. It will bring your business great advantages.

Brand Keeping and Digital Marketing

With regional social networks, forums, and services, fraud is most commonly committed in regional areas. They are inaccessible to the general public, and you won’t ever know if your brand is being used for fraudulent purposes. 


Thankfully, with the use of GoLogin, you can hide your geolocation from these networks.


If you can offer your products on other platforms, you should absolutely do so. However, you need diversity. Platforms must strictly regulate vendors. Therefore, they enhance customer confidence. Artificial intelligence constantly searches for indicators of fraud. However, as with any program, it crashes. The accounts of legitimate vendors are then blocked for no apparent reason.


Unspecific service rules frequently result in the blocking of vendors’ accounts. There are multiple possible interpretations. Sometimes competitors intentionally use these regulations to interfere with your progress. For example, if other sellers file a complaint against you, the platform may temporarily suspend your account.


GoLogin gives you the ability to manage your fingerprints and profiles while you maintain your anonymity. If you’re not using GoLogin, there are several parameters about your login setup that could be used to identify you.

Mass Media and Inquiry

To obtain exclusive material in journalism, knowing where to find information and who to approach is necessary. You must, however, maintain your anonymity during a media investigation.


Occasionally, the required information is only available in the journalist’s country. For instance, your foreign informant may only participate in local social networks, or a significant publication may have been posted on an official website that restricts access from abroad.


There could be plenty of situations in which you would want to hide your browsing activity. How, then, can one maintain anonymity throughout a journalistic investigation?


GoLogin gives you the ability to manage your fingerprints and profiles while you maintain your anonymity. If you’re not using GoLogin, there are several parameters about your login setup that could be used to identify you.

Retail Price Scan

Only a few people are aware that company websites monitor your online activity. They change prices for the exact same product based on these data. Furthermore, websites keep track of your browsing habits via cookies and may adjust prices accordingly.


If you wish to avoid overpaying, you should compare prices from various devices and geolocations. The good news is that GoLogin allows you to replace your IP address, browser, OS, platform, location, and 15 other parameters.

Search for Specialists

For instance, you are seeking an employee for your business. You’ve posted two positions with varying salaries and requirements. Then, you send the candidate job openings and initiate a conversation with them. During communication, you can readily determine their desired salary, their skills, and so on. Even if they do deceive you, it will be in response to your vacancy. And because they are different, lies are always identifiable.


Similarly, with employers. Create a few resumes highlighting varying employment conditions and preferences. Then, connect with the employer and negotiate a higher salary and more suitable working conditions!


Websites and programs professional testing requires a considerable amount of time, money, and a variety of devices, platforms, software versions, and screen resolutions, among other things. GoLogin enables the testing of sites in a single window. It saves time and money in terms of searching and buying different testing tools. In addition, nearly 20 parameters are available for testing the effectiveness of your site.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media to promote products and services is on the rise. However, this instrument must also be managed, particularly if you supervise a number of employees.


On social networks, numerous promotion management tools are available. Some do not permit remote teamwork, while others require a certain level of security. Never before has a service that incorporates all of these elements been presented.


Thankfully, GoLogin enables you to organize the work of SMM agencies by creating and managing cloud-based profiles.

Web Scraping

With Web Scraping, a specialized algorithm visits the homepage of a website and then clicks on all internal links. This collects data in order to generate a CSV file. This file includes all required information in a precise format.


To extract this data, however, you may require a significant number of devices. Additionally, they must have different parameters. Not all businesses can afford to purchase these devices. Thankfully, GoLogin can help with this problem!

GoLogin vs. Traditional Browser Solutions

GoLogin antidetect browser is extremely similar to the well-known Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It is similar to traditional web browsers but provides anonymity for its users. These programs alter and cover your browser’s fingerprints, spoof data, and leave minimal traces on the Internet.

With GoLogin’s help, users can operate multiple advertising and/or social accounts at the same time where it is prohibited.

5G & 4G Proxies for GoLogin

GoLogin is an antidetect software used mainly for multiple accounts. In addition, GoLogin features multiple user profiles, browser fingerprint management, proxy and VPN integration, cookie management, 2-factor authentication, and anti-detection technology. GoLogin provides a comprehensive and secure login solution for individuals and businesses.

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Anonymity and Enhanced Productivity for Web Browsing and Webmasters

GoLogin is not only beneficial for everyday web browsing but also for webmasters who require anonymity for work. As a result, the benefits of using paid resources, such as those that protect against cyber assaults or boost productivity, more than outweigh the costs.

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