Proxies for Good


In an era where the digital realm increasingly intersects with tangible realities, the ethical use of technology is more crucial than ever. The Social Proxy stands at the forefront of this movement, demonstrating a profound commitment to leveraging proxy technology for societal benefit. This commitment is not just about advancing technology but about harnessing it to combat some of the most pressing issues facing our world today.


A Force Against Global Challenges


The Social Proxy and its Initiative partners are engaged in a relentless battle against phenomena that threaten the very fabric of our society. From hate speech and political manipulation to the horrors of human and sex trafficking, these challenges have one thing in common: their potential to escalate from online rhetoric to real-world violence. The stakes could not be higher, as these efforts also extend to safeguarding our most vulnerable populations, including children.


What sets The Social Proxy apart is not just the recognition of these issues but the active role it plays in addressing them. Through innovative uses of publicly available web data, Initiative partner organizations are devising creative solutions to tackle these complex problems. It’s a testament to the transformative potential of data when used ethically and purposefully.

The Mission of Transparency and Accountability


At its core, The Social Proxy is driven by a vision where access to public web data serves as a cornerstone for transparency and accountability. This vision is not merely theoretical; it underpins the very operations and ethos of The Social Proxy as a business. By ensuring that this wealth of information remains accessible, The Social Proxy empowers missions that are not only groundbreaking but often life-saving.


The implications of this work are profound. In a world without public data, the ability to hold entities accountable diminishes, potentially eroding the foundations of open market competition and, by extension, consumer choice and innovation. The Social Proxy’s dedication to keeping public data public is thus a critical endeavor in maintaining the checks and balances that keep societies open and fair.


A Partnership for Good


The journey of The Social Proxy is one marked by collaboration and a shared vision for a better world. It’s a journey that recognizes the immense power of web data when used responsibly and ethically. As we reflect on the impact of these initiatives, it’s clear that this is not just about data or proxies; it’s about the collective effort to foster a safer, more transparent world.


In closing, we extend our deepest gratitude to our partners and all those who use web data for the greater good. Your efforts exemplify the best of what technology can achieve when directed towards noble ends. Together, we are not just navigating the digital age; we are shaping it for the betterment of all.


The Social Proxy’s story is a compelling reminder that in the realm of technology, purpose and profit can coexist harmoniously, driving forward innovations that not only lead in the market but also lead by example in addressing some of the most critical challenges of our time.

Meet some of our Allies: Partners in the Pursuit of Good

Project Ma’at is an Israeli non-profit organization specializing in web investigations.

The initiative plays a crucial role in providing support to individuals who have been subjected to sexual crimes or have had their personal images and videos unlawfully disseminated across the web. Recognizing a significant gap in the capabilities of law enforcement and other authorities, who often find themselves ill-equipped with the necessary digital tools and specialized knowledge required for conducting thorough investigations on the web, this project steps in to fill this critical void.


Embarking on this journey of digital advocacy and support, the initiative’s initial phase is dedicated to the meticulous identification of the perpetrator. This task is approached with a combination of cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of digital footprints, ensuring that the process is both efficient and sensitive to the privacy concerns that inevitably arise in such sensitive cases.


Following the successful identification of the offender, the project’s efforts pivot towards the compilation of an evidence packet. This document is far more than a simple collection of data; it is a comprehensive, carefully structured dossier prepared with the explicit intention of meeting the rigorous standards demanded by legal proceedings. The creation of this packet is a testament to the project’s commitment to not only supporting victims in their time of need but also to ensuring that the evidence gathered can stand up in court, thereby paving the way for the delivery of justice.


By transforming scattered web data into a formidable legal tool, this initiative not only facilitates the pursuit of accountability for wrongful actions but also highlights the pivotal role that technological expertise can play in the contemporary landscape of legal advocacy. In doing so, it offers a beacon of hope and a path to justice for those who have been wronged, underlining the profound impact that dedicated support and innovative use of technology can have in addressing and rectifying instances of digital abuse.

Dr John King

Dr John King Founded 2 very important things, Give Them a Voice Foundation and the PTSDCollab online network.

Give Them a Voice Foudation

The purpose of Give Them a Voice is to give a voice to those that do not have one; to educate those who do not know; to defend those who cannot defend themselves.


Their mission is to :


Establish a collective of skilled individuals and cooperating organizations to address the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking utilizing traditional and emerging technologies.

To engage as broad an audience as possible in a conversation about the true nature and prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our society with the aim of developing a simple, comprehensive model that will be validated by a reduction in the rate of veteran suicides.



  • An online network established to:

  • support trauma sufferers of all backgrounds (60% of Americans will experience PTSD in their lifetime)

  • address the issue of suicide among veterans, law enforcement officers, first responders, ICE and Border Patrol officers.

  • highlight to the American public and the world the many valuable things that these groups do every day in the service of our nation and our communities


  • A social media network of FOUR MILLION veteran and conservative members and growing.

  • A syndicated network of 200 websites and growing

  • The largest independent, privately owned syndication platform.

  • The only marketing and socially-conscious platform using geo-location to the advantage of the end user and to communicate.

  • The only platform NOT scraping your data and selling it to advertisers.



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