High-Quality Texas 5G & 4G Mobile Private Proxies.


The Social Proxy takes pride in delivering high-quality, fast mobile proxies for 5G and 4G Texas United States mobile proxies. Our proxies grant users access to a vast selection of IPs utilized by genuine consumers, ensuring high-quality and efficient service.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Our cutting-edge 5G Proxies getting up to 200 Mbps download speed

Unlimited Mobile IPs

An endless pool of highly trusted mobile IPs that can rotate on demand


Multiple carriers including T-mobile, Verizion and AT&T. Multi-location

Fastest 5G & 4G Texas Proxies

Having a hard time doing data scraping because you often get blocked and flagged? The Social Proxy’s Texas mobile proxy is the solution you are looking for. With its mobile proxies’ unparalleled speed, IPs’ high trust scores, and dedicated and unlimited connection, data scraping can be done with ease!

United States


Ethically sourced proxies

we believe that ethically sourced should  be the only proxy

Reliable infrastructure

Our team ensure upto
success rate of Mobile Residential Proxies

Experience Texas Mobile Proxies at Their Best

TX IP proxies will help you to optimize your scraping operations and reach your target websites efficiently. Get access to over endless mobile IPs Residential TX proxies. Our clients can browse the web using a limitless number of non-blacklisted identities and IPs due to these features.

  •  Fresh Stable IPs with the natural rotation
  • Private ports from a private modems
  • Unlimited data for a particular IP
  • Private access to an IP
  • Complete access to an ISP IP pool by leveraging endless rotation
  • An endless pool of highly trusted mobile IPs that can rotate on demand

A proxy server functions as a computer that directs your internet data through another computer. When you connect to a proxy server, all your online activities will be channeled through that server before reaching the web. This serves various purposes, which include:

Ensuring Anonymity and Privacy: A proxy server can safeguard your anonymity and privacy by masking your IP address and other personally identifiable information from websites and other online services. This proves valuable for safeguarding online privacy and anonymity.

Bypassing Geolocation Restrictions: You can overcome geolocation restrictions imposed by certain websites and online services using a proxy server. It achieves this by making your data seem like it originates from a different country.

Implementing Content Filtering: Employing a proxy server makes it possible to block specific types of content, such as explicit material or malware. This is advantageous for parents and employers who want to regulate what their children and employees can access on the internet.

Enhancing Performance: By storing frequently visited websites and content, a proxy server can at times boost your internet’s performance. This is particularly beneficial when you have a slow internet connection.

The Significance of Location-Specific Proxies

Location-specific proxies are proxies situated in particular countries or regions, and they offer several advantages, which include:

Overcoming Geolocation Restrictions: Location-specific proxies prove invaluable in bypassing geolocation restrictions imposed by websites and online services. They are particularly useful for accessing content restricted to a specific country or for evading online censorship.

Market Research: Location-specific proxies can be employed for conducting market research across different countries. For example, you can utilize a US proxy to access the Amazon website in the United States, allowing you to examine the most popular products and their prices.

Competitive Intelligence: Location-specific proxies are a valuable tool for gathering competitive intelligence on businesses in various countries. For instance, you can use an Israel proxy to access the Israeli website of a competitor, enabling you to research their products and strategies.

Enhancing Security: Location-specific proxies contribute to bolstering online security by making it appear as though your internet traffic originates from a different country. This added layer of security can make it more challenging for competitors to monitor your online activities or launch malware attacks against you.

Benefits of Texas Mobile Proxies

Texas mobile proxies offer a host of advantages that make them stand out for various online activities.

High-Speed Performance

Texas mobile proxies are typically associated with high-speed cellular networks, providing exceptional speed and performance. This makes them an excellent choice for tasks that demand fast internet access, including video streaming, downloading large files, and online gaming.

Access to Region-Restricted Content

Mobile proxies in Texas offer a solution for accessing region-restricted content. Their geolocation capabilities allow you to target specific geographic areas. For instance, you can use a Texas mobile proxy to access a website that is accessible only within the United States, even if you’re located outside the US.


Texas mobile proxies support the scalability of web scraping and automation tasks by allowing multiple users to connect to the same proxy server. This is particularly beneficial for projects involving the collection and processing of substantial amounts of data.


Thanks to their access to high-speed cellular networks, Texas mobile proxies are known for their reliability. This reliability is crucial for online activities like banking and business transactions that require a stable internet connection.

Texas mobile proxies offer superior performance and flexibility compared to regular proxies, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of tasks.

Selecting the Right Texas Mobile Proxy Provider

When it comes to choosing a mobile proxy provider, there are several crucial factors to take into account:

  1. Network Size: Evaluate the size of the provider’s network. The network’s scope impacts the number of available IP addresses and where they can be effectively used.
  1. Speed and Reliability: Consider the speed and reliability of the provider’s network, especially if your tasks require fast internet access or a stable connection.
  1. Pricing: Mobile proxy providers typically charge a monthly fee. Compare the pricing structures of different providers to find the most cost-effective option for your needs.
  1. Customer Support: It’s wise to select a provider with robust customer support. This ensures you have assistance available should you encounter any issues with your account or the proxies.

When evaluating a Texas mobile proxy provider, it’s essential to follow a few key steps.

  • Read reviews from other users. User feedback can offer valuable insights into the provider’s strengths and weaknesses, providing a glimpse of the overall user experience.
  • Consider trying out the service. Many mobile proxy providers offer either a free trial period or a money-back guarantee, allowing you to assess the service’s suitability before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Think of your specific needs. If high-speed access and a reliable connection are your top priorities, choose a provider known for its speed and reliability. On the other hand, if your goal is to access region-locked content, ensure the provider offers IP addresses in the desired region to effectively meet your requirements.

Manage Your Texas Mobile Proxies Like No Other with These Features:

Rotation and IPs

Fresh and Stable IPs with Natural Rotation:

  • Count on our proxies to provide consistently stable IPs that rotate naturally.
  • Enjoy unwavering performance and reliability as you surf the web.

Multilocation Feature

Unrestricted Geographical Access:

  • By routing internet traffic through different server locations, a multilocation proxy can help mask a user’s real IP address and enhance their online privacy.

Unlimited Data

Limitless Data for Each IP:

  • Unlimited data usage for every IP.
  • Maximize your browsing capabilities and eliminate any restrictions holding you back.

Feature-full Dashboard Texas Proxies

We have all the capabilities you require in our cutting-edge proxy management dashboard to administer your business.

Raw New York Mobile Real Device Connection

We offer you a pure, unaltered 5G & 4G mobile connection — the same one that actual users employ.

Unlimited Mobile Data and 5G & 4G IPs

We supply an unlimited connection. Enjoy limit-free traffic on your 5G & 4G Texas mobile proxy so you can run as many accounts as you’d like.

Here’s Why You Should Choose The Social Proxy’s Texas Mobile Proxies

Our Texas mobile proxies have a speed of 50-200mbps. By far, this is the highest speed a 5G & 4G proxy can reach which are available in the market today. 

We are the rightful owners of all of our hardware, including servers. In this way, we can guarantee the best price, protections, and uptime requirements of our customers. 

We know that proxies’ uptime and overall performance is crucial to every project’s success. With our 24/7 customer support, it is our satisfaction that we can efficiently cater to our client’s needs in a timely manner.

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