High-Quality Texas 5G & 4G Mobile Private Proxies.


The Social Proxy takes pride in delivering high-quality, fast mobile proxies for 5G and 4G Texas United States mobile proxies.

Our proxies grant users access to a vast selection of IPs utilized by genuine consumers, ensuring high-quality and efficient service.

Fastest 5G & 4G Texas Proxies

Having a hard time doing data scraping because you often get blocked and flagged? The Social Proxy’s Texas mobile proxy is the solution you are looking for. With its mobile proxies’ unparalleled speed, IPs’ high trust scores, and dedicated and unlimited connection, data scraping can be done with ease!

Manage Your Proxies Like No Other with These Features:

Feature-full Dashboard

We have all the capabilities you require in our cutting-edge proxy management dashboard to administer your business.

Raw Connection

We offer you a pure, unaltered 5G & 4G mobile connection — the same one that actual users employ.

Unlimited Data

We supply an unlimited connection. Enjoy limit-free traffic on your 5G & 4G Texas mobile proxy so you can run as many accounts as you’d like.

Our Products

4G/LTE Proxies

Experience Texas Mobile Proxies at Their Best

The Social Proxy’s Texas mobile proxies offer:

  •  Fresh Stable IPs with the natural rotation
  • Private ports from a private modems
  • Unlimited data for a particular IP
  • Private access to an IP
  • Complete access to an ISP IP pool by leveraging endless rotation
  • An endless pool of highly trusted mobile IPs that can rotate on demand

Our clients can browse the web using a limitless number of non-blacklisted identities and IPs due to these features.

Here’s Why You Should Choose The Social Proxy’s Texas Mobile Proxies

Outstanding Speed

Our Texas mobile proxies have a speed of 100-400mbps. By far, this is the highest speed a 5G & 4G proxy can reach which are available in the market today. 

Assured top-notch excellence.

We are the rightful owners of all of our hardware, including servers. In this way, we can guarantee the best price, protections, and uptime requirements of our customers. 

24/7 Excellent Customer Service

We know that proxies’ uptime and overall performance is crucial to every project’s success. With our 24/7 customer support, it is our satisfaction that we can efficiently cater to our client’s needs in a timely manner.