About Us

“The Social Proxy is an innovative and leading company in the 5G & 4G proxy and data collection industry.

We are dedicated to promoting our ideals of an open web by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance our proxy solutions and deliver unparalleled performance, unlocking the potential for general data and AI data gathering at scale”

Tal Klinger

CEO at The Social Proxy

About Us

The Social Proxy is a data platform for AI & BI Applications, based on a self-developed next-generation proxy solution that does not source other user IPs (the only real ethical solution in the market) enables data collection solutions in order to offer advanced tools to gather, analyze and extract data from the web, anonymously.

Leading the data collection market with innovatively developed products, we help AI companies leverage and create advanced AI technologies. Our efforts build on our own patentable data platform, which is based on world-first 5G & 4G hardware and software with unlimited IPs, making it up to 100-200 times faster than any other solution on the market.

Our Purpose and Mission

We believe in an open and transparent web.

We aim to safeguard client anonymity while enabling unrestricted access to online data, ensuring universal affordability and accessibility.

By allowing anyone to access the data needed to power AI, we strive to create a more equitable and transparent online ecosystem.

The Social Proxy in Numbers

Scraper APIs

Social Scraper APi, Professionals Data API and SERP API

5 Offices

Tel Aviv, Texas, New York, Munich, London and Vienna


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Meet Our Management Team

Tal Klinger

Chief Executive Officer

Roee Klinger

Chief Technology Officer

Yair Redl

CFO & Chairman of the Board

Denis Andrejew

Chief Engineer

Sean Cavanagh

Director of Sales

Aaron Lichtenstein

Partner & Advisory Board

Ivo Martins

Customer Success Manager

Dan Evans

Regional Manager USA

Maximilian Obwexer

Regional Manager Europe

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