About Us

“The Social Proxy is an innovative and leading company in the 5G & 4G proxy industry, with hundreds of happy users, we are dedicated to promoting our ideals of an open web.”

Tal Klinger

CEO at The Social Proxy

About Us

The Social Proxy is a leading proxy supplier developing and producing residential 4G & 5G proxies. 

The Social Proxy was designed to solve online identities issues and enable users to safely perform complex operations such as automation, crawling, scraping, and more.

We have proudly helped our partners achieve unparalleled industry-leading success rates in their fields.

Our Purpose and Mission

We believe in an open and transparent web.

Our mission is to assist our clients and users to operate without being tracked and followed while providing direct access to online data collection and making data accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Our Principles

Today’s internet is complex, and recent technologies make data security harder.

There has never been a better time for technology that promotes and encourages data transparency and fairness. 

Whether you are a big or small company, our solutions will always provide you with security, reliability, and encryption.

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Meet Our Management Team

Tal Klinger

Chief Executive Officer

Roee Klinger

Chief Technology Officer

Yair Redl

Partner & Chairman of the Board

Aaron Lichtenstein

Partner & Advisory Board

Sheila Mae Duo

Chief Operating Officer

Cláudia Rodrigues

Executive Vice President

Dan Evans

Regional Manager USA

Maximilian Obwexer

Regional Manager Europe

Kathleene Vey Mae Lawas

Customer Success Manager

Jeff Chavez

Regional Sales Manager