Jarvee Program

The Social Proxy provides free tools, resources, and support to agencies and private individuals who would like to endeavor into the world of Jarvee and social media automation.

Jarvee Media Login Panel

A unique solution developed by our experts, this special panels allows to simplify your agency’s customer onboarding process.

Instead of calling your customer during the busy work week and connecting them trough complex 2FA, you can now simply send your customer a link where they can input their login credentials.

Behind the scenes, our software will log in using your customer’s credentials, and using one of your proxies, and send his account’s cookies directly to your email, allowing you to seamlessly add his account to Jarvee.

Instagram Downdetector

Multiple case studies have proven that it is highly recommended to stop your accounts from running during times when IG is down, in order to keep them safe.

This special tool from The Social Proxy monitors IG 24/7 and alerts you immediately via email if IG is having any problems, allowing you to swiftly make a decision and keep your accounts safe.

Professional Consultation

We know how hard it is to follow the latest trends and keeping your settings updated.

Luckily, we have been leading the automation community for years, so you don’t have to!

The Social Proxy allows you to book a free 15-minute Zoom call each month with one of our professional automators, so you can always have peace of mind and be able to think in the long term.

Training and Resources

Our professional automators regularly publish how-to guides and other Jarvee-related posts to different communities such as MPSocial, and Facebook.

In addition, we publish monthly Facebook live videos in collaboration with Dr.Jarvee Team, in their highly recommended Facebook group.

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