Why You Should Start Using Europe 4G & 5G Proxy

A proxy is a server that functions as an internet gateway. It is an intermediate server that separates end-users from various browsing websites. Proxy servers offer different degrees of versatility, security, and privacy, depending on your situation of usage, requirements, or company policy.

4G & 5G or mobile proxies are proxies that use mobile IP addresses or redirect web traffic from mobile devices that connect to a cellular network. These proxies offer an extra layer of anonymity and can also be useful in different business-related circumstances. Our Proxies have high IP confidence scores so customers can stay rest assured that they are 100% secure for them to use.

When handling several social media accounts, 4G & 5G proxies are the perfect fit. They significantly decrease the likelihood of your account being banned or flagged. If you ever try to perform a study on the website of your business rival, you will be tagged by social media algorithms as a real smartphone user. Therefore you can, without being blocked, easily access available data from your rival’s site.

Hence, we listed in this blog the main reasons why you should start using European proxies for your personal and business endeavors:

1. Excellent mobile service coverage

Our 4G & 5G proxies are perfect for clients who seek engagement within Europe. That is because our 4G & 5G proxies are centrally located in Israel and the UK with great mobile service area coverage. Also, our 4G & 5G proxies provide a fast and private connection meaning you could freely execute tasks and transactions confidentially with high speeds.

2. Fast and superior service

The Social Proxy team knows that system downtime and other connection problems are unavoidable. Nonetheless, our team assures our clients that we will swiftly respond to any customer request and will solve 99% of connection problems within an hour from the time that the issues have been raised. Above all, we firmly believe that a high client satisfaction rate should be a business’s top priority so we will always make sure that our offered services are of high quality and worth the price. 

3. Minimal Downtimes and High Speeds

Since our Proxies have good mobile service area coverage, you can expect high-speed service and minimal downtime with minimal technical malfunctions and connection problems. Here at The Social Proxy, we fully understand how crucial system downtime is. Therefore, we solely base our proxies in areas with full mobile service coverage.

All mentioned above are just some of the great reasons why your company should start using our UK and IL 4G & 5G proxies. If you need your business to grow further and build its name in the digital world, The Social Proxy team will pave the way for you to do so. Should you want to know any further details about our proxies, Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.

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