Rotate Your Proxy: How and Why You Should Do It

Should you rotate your proxy? Read on…

Proxies allow clients to gather information, promote, and browse any site without the breach of privacy. Also, proxies work as a security wall and a filter between the user and the web contents while browsing.

Primarily, there are three (3) types of proxies; dedicated, shared, and rotating. A reliable proxy includes just one IP address dedicated to only one client and is usually prone to blocking. A shared proxy, on the other hand, in a single IP address to be shared by several clients at the same time — which is also prone to blocking. Now, the rotating proxy is the best among the three; it assigns a unique IP address to hide a client’s identity.

How could the client access this rotating proxy?

The answer is simple; the client will just have to (1) send a request to our proxy server, (2) sign up, and (3) wait for configuration. Interchanging of IP addresses could also be either done manually or be based on a schedule, developed from the client’s needs and preferences.

Why rotate your proxy?

With its primary purpose of hiding a client’s identity, a rotating proxy is perfect for personal and marketing use. Not yet convinced? Here are other reasons why you should rotate your proxy:

1. Speed

In selecting proxies, one of the major criteria which the clients are looking into is the connection speed. The Social Proxy provides a service without any limitations — it is reliable, and it gives smooth and fast browsing rates. It doesn’t compromise the speed when you are changing IP addresses.

2. Security

One of the reasons why a client uses proxies is because it provides a private environment across the web. Rotating proxies are known for their high security because of the large pool of IP addresses that it holds — making it the best type of proxy to use.

3. Zero Blocking

Using a single IP address for multiple accounts or visiting a site over and over at the same time leads to account blocking — and you don’t want that to happen. In rotating proxies, you could access different websites and manage multiple accounts at the same time without the fear of getting blocked.


Final Thoughts

Proxy servers offer limitless benefits for a user on the web. Using a single IP address to manage all personal and business accounts might be too risky; that is why rotating proxies are made more accessible.