How to Configure Settings of Proxy In Chrome and Chromium?

Ready to configure settings of proxy in Chrome and Chromium? Read on…

Google Chrome and Chromium have by far the largest browser market share worldwide with an average of more or less sixty-percent (60%) combined. With that being said, most people worldwide are hoping for its optimum performance; this is where proxies are needed. The Social Proxy gives fast, reliable, and secure proxies for your Chrome and Chromium, providing you the best of your browsing.

Configuring setting of proxy in Chrome and Chromium is pretty much as easy as five steps:

1. Start-up

Open your Chrome/Chromium browser. In the upper-right corner, you will see three dots arranged vertically. Click these dots, and it will give you a drop down menu.

2. Setting-up Your Browser

From the menu, select Settings. This will take you to a new tab showing different options for setting up your browser. In this tab, you will see Advanced on the leftmost part, click it.

3. System Set-up for Proxy in Chrome and Chromium

Now you have to select System, this will give you options on the center of the screen. Click on Open your computer proxy settings. This will take you to your computer’s Settings.

4. Setting Up Your Computer

In your computer’s proxy settings, you will find Manual Proxy Setup, which is turned off by default so you will have to turn it on. Make sure to take note of your proxy’s Host line; a 12-digit unique code, and Port; a 4-digit code, and lastly, your proxy’s username and password. Now copy these credentials in your computer’s proxy settings, and click Save.

5. Finishing the Set-up

After finishing the setup for your computer’s settings, go back to your browser, type any website on the address bar, and press enter. The website will require you a username and a password for authentication. Type in your proxy’s username and password, click on sign in, and you’re good to go.

People want to have the best browsing experience; that’s why a proxy in Chrome and Chromium always come in handy. They give a secure, fast, and dependable connection between the internet and the user.


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