Ingramer: Automate Your Instagram Account with The Social Proxy

As of now, automation bots have enhanced Instagram. These tools help you get more engagement, likes, and comments. Most importantly, you can get real followers. Therefore, for people with business or promotional activities, social media automation is handy.
Ingramer is an automation tool for Instagram that is very popular nowadays. With its three (3) primary features, you can easily gain followers and grow your business. While using automation tools, The Social Proxy will help keep your business secure. We will provide quality proxies to prevent account blocking and getting traced.

Ingramer’s Three (3) Primary Features

Attracting More Followers

This Instagram automation tool will help you reach your targeted audience. Moreover, you can send them good promotions for your account. In return, this will help you gain more organic followers, likers, and commenters. In addition, this feature creates a potential client list for you.

Interacting with the Community Automatically

With Ingramer’s automated direct messaging, your customers will like your quick responses. After signing up for an account, you can set up an automated response that the bot will send to your followers. Additionally, you may include personal details (with a phone number or an email address) in your message to your customers.

Posting Regularly and Boosting Popularity with Hashtags

It is without a doubt that hashtags work best for advertising. It potentially doubles the number of audiences. Furthermore, Ingramer offers scheduling of posts and a hashtag generator. This can elevate your business advertising.

In conclusion, when automating your social media accounts, it is a must to seek reliable tools online. Choosing the right automation tool will help improve your online promotions and business.  Above all, using proxies will help double your security while aiming for an increased audience and growing your online trade.