Instazood and Proxies: Boost Your Instagram Promotion

Amongst all the social media platforms, Instagram has been by far the most effective for promotion mainly because it features the photos of your products or services. Now, what if you’re managing more than two Instagram accounts at once? This may lead to your accounts getting flagged or a breach of your online privacy. This is why social media automation tools like Instazood are often partnered with proxies. The Social Proxy provides reliable and secure proxies for your hassle-free Instagram automation.

What is Instazood?

Instazood is mainly a bot that automatically likes, comments, and posts for you on Instagram. This tool could also be programmed to automatically watch stories and follow or unfollow accounts to help you manage your business on Instagram.

In using Instazood, you have to create your own account and link it to your Instagram profiles. But since you are linking multiple Instagram accounts on this automation tool, you wouldn’t want your accounts to get blocked. This is where you have to connect your proxy to Instazood in as easy as four steps.

  1. Open Instazood on any device you are using, and you shall see different options on the menu. From here, click on Account Settings.
  2. You should see a window that indicates the settings of your account. Tick the box that says Use proxy for this account, and this will give you fields to be filled up.
  3. Choose the type of proxy you want to use from the drop-down menu provided and enter all the credentials needed (proxy IP, proxy port, and proxy username and password).
  4. After providing all the needed details, you can now test the proxy. If, by chance, it doesn’t work, you have to double-check the credentials you have provided to make sure. If it works, you can now save your settings and start using Instazood.

In as easy as four steps, you could get rid of manually managing your accounts and conveniently upgrade your Instagram marketing experience. With Instazood and The Social Proxy, you could advertise your business with less effort and zero problems.