Gramto, One Of The Best Instagram Automation Tool

“What is Gramto?”  “How is it related to Instagram automation?” Time to answer your questions.

With the extensive usage of social media throughout the globe, most people set up businesses online. Online marketing had been by far the best and most reliable method of advertising and selling, mainly because of the number of audiences you could reach per click.

Let’s say you are managing multiple accounts on Instagram, and you have to update every one of them every hour. You have to post updates, promote your page, engage with your audiences, and probably send messages from time to time. Just imagining it could make you exhausted already. This is why social media automation tools such as Gramto were developed and used together with proxies.


Benefits of Using Gramto as an Instagram Automation Tool

Gramto is an Instagram automation tool that takes care of all of your Instagram activities for you. This tool can take care of your post schedules, comments, likes, messages, follows and unfollows, and much more. The following are some of the best features of Gramto:


1. Enhanced Instagram Activity

Since Gramto provides automation options such as post scheduling, you could write multiple posts at a time and set them up in a timetable. With this, you could send updates to your followers, even if you’re not online 24/7.


2. One Step at a Time

In selecting proxies, one of the major criteria which the clients are looking into is the connection speed. The Social Proxy provides a service without any limitations — it is reliable, and it gives smooth and fast browsing rates. It doesn’t compromise the speed when you are changing IP addresses.


3. Doubled Security with Gramto

The Social Proxy provides reliable proxies for you to use on your Instagram automation. This keeps your accounts secure while enjoying the benefits of automation. Gramto, on the other hand, takes care of all your Instagram activities with an HTTPS or a secure transfer protocol. This means all your personal information and activities online are kept safe.



It can be tempting to multiply your efforts by employing multiple automation bots. It is safest, however, if you just use one at a time. With the perfect automation tool and the use of an excellent proxy, you could double your audience reach on any social media platform and increase your account engagements.

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