Kicksta: Grow Your Instagram Accounts With The Social Proxy

More Instagram followers are desired by any brand. However, unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not have user growth advertising that makes gaining new followers easy. If you’re just getting started with Instagram or want to boost your growth in preparing a new product launch or promotion, there are plenty of Instagram growth resources to help you achieve your objectives. 

Kicksta is one of several Instagram growth tools on the market, and it claims to be one of the best. They rightly say that they don’t use spam, fake followers, or bots on their accounts. What they avouch is that your account will grow with organic followers.

How Does Kicksta Work?

After signing up, you’ll have to give Kicksta a list of your target Instagram accounts with the types of followers you’re looking for. To come up with your list, look to rivals, local influencers, and similar brands. This list could also include location, hashtags, and usernames.

Kicksta would then “like” one or two posts from each person that follows the target accounts. Though liking other people’s images on your behalf is automated, people following you are an organic act—it’s their decision whether or not to do so after seeing you liked their pictures.

While many other Instagram automation tools offer extra features like tracking followers, arranging posts ahead of time, and even sending DMs to people, Kicksta just does one thing: like pictures for you.

Unlike other automation tools, Kicksta does not offer a free trial. But a 14-day money-back guarantee is available. They say that if you’re not satisfied with the first two weeks of service, they’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

With the demand for Instagram automation tools like Kicksta, most people avail their free-trial packages, leading to your account getting banned. This is why proxies would always come in handy. The Social Proxy could give you extra protection for your accounts while enjoying social media automation tools.


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