How To Choose The Best Social Media Proxy For You

Best Social Media Proxy

How to choose the best social media proxy? 

Most people have social media accounts to connect with family and friends. However, social media has grown because it is now an excellent channel for marketing your products and services. Also, social media marketing is used by different companies to let their clients know their online presence.

Social media sites have been rigorous when it comes to marketing using their sites. Content is carefully screened, and those posts that do not adhere to the community’s rules will be marked as spam and flagged. People who create multiple posts will be banned. Good thing that social media proxies have been made to hide your identity, allowing you to create various accounts.

Tips in Choosing the Best Social Media Proxy

What common mistakes do people make when using social media proxies? 

The answer is straightforward — these people tend to mess up in choosing the best social media proxy.

1. Never Use Public Proxies

Social media users are tracked with the use of IP addresses. Using a public proxy can get a person banned from social media. This can indeed be troublesome if you are managing different social media accounts. It can be risky since your login details may be stolen. Fraudulent transactions in banks and emails are accessed. Moreover, public proxies are slow because many people share them. Spending some money on paid proxies can be a great idea.

2. Choose a Dedicated Proxy

A dedicated proxy is a personalized proxy used by one person only. If you are managing several social media accounts, you have the assurance that your information is safe and you will not get banned from social media platforms.

3. Use Social Media Bots

A social media bot is used to lessen your work. You do not have to spend the whole night replying to messages because an automated reply can be made. However, you need to understand that not all social media platforms allow bots and tools.

Since bots and tools lessen your work, you should understand and monitor it as well. Bots are designed to show that the responses come from a human. If you tend to make so many comments in a day and have few followers or friends, the social media site might think that you are spamming. So be careful in using your bots. 

4. Use proxies for Social Media Scraping

When you need to collect a big group of data, using social media proxies is the best idea to scrape information. There are scraping programs that can be utilized. Since data is gathered all at once, this activity can be considered a red flag.

To avoid bans, you can use different proxies to make it look like requests from people are spread. If the social media network finds out that only one IP address is used, your account can get flagged.

Tips in Using Social Media Proxies

1. Use only one proxy for one account

People use proxies to hide their identities. This is commonly practiced by people who use social media as a marketing tool. However, they usually use one proxy for all of their accounts. This practice has resulted in getting banned. So, the best thing to do is to invest in different proxies for one social media account. By doing so, getting banned and flagged should be out of your worries. 

2. Be Unique

Since proxies allow you to protect your identity, you also need to be smart in using your social media accounts. Using identical posts on all of your different accounts makes you look suspicious and won’t give you the anonymity you need. Create different content and be different. 

3. Use a Virtual Private Server or VPS

A virtual private server is commonly used with social media proxies. It serves as a virtual layer that covers your identity. The best thing about using VPS is you can still use your personal computer to do the usual tasks without affecting your social media management tasks.


Using a social media proxy, especially in social media marketing, is the best thing to do since your identity gets protected. When using social media proxies, you have to remember to use the best that you can find. Make sure that you consider the price and what it offers to you. Also, you need to remember that sharing is good but not with social media proxies. You do not want to get flagged because of the actions of the person on social media. You will not get into trouble if you don’t share your social media proxy details.

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