FAQs About Residential Proxies: The Social Proxy

Here are FAQs about residential proxies that can help and guide you through. The internet is a wide ocean of information, but personal data can be fished easily if it is wrongly used. Also, there are instances that information and other sites can’t be accessed if you are in another area. So, good thing, proxy servers were created. 

Do you have questions in mind about residential proxies? We have prepared brief answers to the most frequently asked questions.


FAQs About Residential Proxies

What is a residential proxy?

By definition, a residential proxy serves as an intermediary channel between the end-user and the website that it uses. This kind of proxy uses an IP address that is provided by its ISP or Internet Service Provider. 

IP addresses are unique for every user and can tell wherever your location may be. However, there is some information and sites that certain areas or countries cannot access. Moreover, your IP address can also get blocked when you try to scrape data. This is why residential IPs are created to solve these problems. 


What is a residential IP? How can I get it?

A residential IP is a connection from an internet service provider to a residential owner. When you try using a residential IP address as your proxy server, your original IP address will be masked, and therefore you will become anonymous.

Anonymity can grant you to check geo-locked sites and, therefore, it can make you continue using the web. 

Proxy providers, like The Social Proxy, provide residential IP addresses. Therefore, you might need to consult one if you are interested in order to avail of their services.


How do residential proxies work?

Residential proxies work in as easy as three steps:

First, the proxies will route the internet traffic to an intermediary server. Then, this server will change the IP address of your device. Lastly, your IP address is entirely masked, and you appear to be a user in that certain area. In addition, residential proxies work on different devices such as computers and mobile phones. 


What are the reasons for using a residential proxy network?

Using a residential proxy network is good for hiding your identity online. For example, you can be anonymous while doing data scraping or even managing your social media accounts. Moreover, you can use them in major browsers like Google.

Below are the reasons for using residential proxies:

  • Social Networking Sites

SNS these days are strict with their users, so using multiple accounts with the same IP address can cause your account to get blocked. However, with the use of residential proxies, this won’t be a concern anymore because you can use and manage different accounts at once.

  • Retail

Would you like to buy something bulk? For most sites,  this is unacceptable, but proxies make this work by allowing sneaker proxies. This type of proxy will enable you to make countless purchases without getting flagged. 

Residential proxies are needed to get things done very quickly. 

  • Business and Marketing

When you want your business to flourish, then you have to stay on the game. The use of internet marketing is very popular. Using residential proxies can help you in data extraction, acquiring intel from other companies, and many more. You can never go wrong with residential proxies because you can get data without leaving any trace.

  • Market Research

Using a residential proxy allows you to use it in different methods of market research without the risk of getting blocked.

In web scraping, you can get ahead of your competitors because you can get the data that you need. In Affiliate testing, you get to check whether an affiliate is reliable or not. Ad verification allows you to test your own advertisements.


What are rotating residential proxies?

An ordinary residential proxy hides your IP address with the use of another IP. However, a rotating residential proxy masks your IP address from a pool of proxies.

You can choose to rotate residential proxies by assigning you to different IP addresses


How can I connect through a rotating residential proxy? 

There are free proxies on the internet. However,  free rotating proxies can be dangerous as your essential details may be stolen. 

Signing up for a residential proxy package can be a brilliant idea because it gives and affirms your security. In setting up your residential proxy, you may ask your provider how it is done. In most cases, the setup is included in the package that you have availed of. They will make sure that everything is ready to be used.


Are residential proxies for sale?

Yes, they are for sale, and you can buy them for a reasonable price, depending on your provider. 


What is a rotating proxy?

If you have encountered this word combination, this simply means a type of proxy that gives out its user a new IP address every time you visit a site, or there is a connection request. This makes your connection more secure and unique.


How do residential proxies last?

Residential proxies last depending on the session. For example, an IP address can last for about 30 minutes, depending on the session. However, choosing a rotating proxy can be more convenient because the IP addresses will change every session.


Are residential proxies in any way illegal?

Absolutely not. Residential proxies are legal in every way. As mentioned, they will keep your browsing safe, but if you use them in online crimes, then you will not be protected by the proxy server provider.


Can I be traced if I use a proxy?

No. This is one of the advantages of using a proxy because your identity remains anonymous. Your personal information will not be seen or used in any way.


Can my proxies be blocked?

Yes, there are instances that proxies might be blocked depending on your usage. For example, if you make too many requests or don’t follow the terms and conditions of the website, it can be a problem. So, do your web scraping with ease by doing random web scraping and always read the terms and conditions of the page you are visiting.


Is it possible for me to use multiple residential proxies?

Yes, this is possible. You can use just one gateway with different port numbers. This shouldn’t be a big problem.



Residential proxy servers are truly needed because they can help in hiding the homeowner’s real identity. If you value privacy and anonymity, then you should hurry and check the plan that works for you.

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