E-Commerce Proxies for Data Scraping: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking into utilizing e-Commerce proxies for data scraping? Read on…

Thanks to the Internet, online shopping has given every individual convenience. However, there are instances that e-commerce websites can’t be accessed. What could be the reasons? And how can these blocks be avoided?


What is E-commerce scraping, and why is it so popular?

Shopping online is the most convenient thing to do these days. However, there is a lot of competition in this industry, especially when sudden changes in the prices from different e-commerce sites. 

This is why e-commerce scraping has become popular. This process involves taking out the visible content of the different websites by using automated bots or crawlers. These bots take the desired information about their clients and where they come from.

E-commerce scraping gives the online retailer an idea of what kind of people, country, and products seem fascinating. In this way, they can provide what their clients demand of them. 

For instance, a brand ambassador of a clothing line tends to influence buyers between the 20s to 30s. Therefore, the online retailers will use that clothing line to attract more buyers from that age group.


Why do you get blocked when doing E-commerce Scraping?

E-commerce websites are strict. So, if they observe the slightest behavior that they may identify as fraudulent or fishy, you will get blocked immediately. 



Accessing your desired website allows you to save cookies from your browser of choice. Internet cookies are small data stored on your website to make your e-commerce experience easier. Your login credentials get saved, and your activities can also be tracked easily. Also, it allows you to go back to your shopping cart when you are ready to check out and pay for your items.

If a user does not accept cookies, there is a significant tendency that the website may not function well. As a result, the Internet may not work well, and the experience is not thorough.


IP Address

In most cases, they might observe a suspicious IP address or activity from a fishy IP address, and then you won’t be able to access that e-commerce website ever again. 

If you attempt to make several requests in a short time, e-commerce websites like eBay find this unusual. It will assume that there is a bot involved and websites never allow using bots. Therefore, your IP address gets blocked, and you can never use the same IP address on the same e-commerce website.

Another reason for getting your IP address blocked is attempting to use the website using several devices. This can be assumed as a DDos attack where the server receives overwhelmed and causes trouble to the usual Internet traffic. 


Request-headers and User-agent

E-commerce websites are also keen on request-headers and user-agent.

Mobile devices, computers, and laptops have their operating system. The website screens this piece of information if it is in the correct language and format. 

When an e-commerce website gets overwhelmed by the same user agent with different IP addresses, this activity may be suspicious. In this case, you can get banned from using the website.


Blocking Techniques

Sending too many requests at one time can cause an IP address to get blocked from a website. E-commerce websites are carefully checking the requests made by a specific IP address.

Using a crawler can make the collection of data ease. Online shop owners can see and monitor competition on their websites. A crawler can make several requests in a short time.

When a user uses different IP addresses, especially competing ones, and will make an overwhelming number of requests would lead to having the blocking techniques implemented. Moreover, if you do not use cookies and your user-agent does not match will lead to permanent disabling of usage. 

Here are the inclusions of blocking techniques:



Using a shared Datacenter IP address gets your IP blacklisted. This is why using a non-rotating proxy is highly recommended.



One of the most common blocking techniques is using captcha. Websites ask the user to input a text on the screen. This process helps in determining a human from a bot.


Skewing the Data

This process shows a higher price when a competition tries to access the website.


How can blocking techniques be avoided?

Several methods can avoid the blocking techniques mentioned above. The first thing that can be done is to use geo-targeted IP addresses, especially for pricing data areas. 

Acquiring pricing data from the United States may be difficult if you use Euros to make a purchase.

Lastly, you can try using a rotating IP or using many IP addresses to avoid getting banned. Different IPs will mask your activities, and there will be successful data scraping. Moreover, your bots should remain anonymous alongside many IP addresses.


How can I acquire many IP addresses?

You need many IP addresses should you decide to do E-commerce website scraping because using one IP address will permanently block it.

Using a residential proxy is highly recommended because it provides a set of IP addresses. In addition, you have the assurance that the IP address you are using is not the same for every website.

It is highly recommended to purchase a residential proxy that is geo-targeted or a rotating residential IP. Then, you are sure to gather the correct data and make sure that you are still in the competition. 


The World of eBay: How can you shop and sell using proxies to avoid getting banned?

When you think of online e-commerce, eBay is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to your mind. This is the haven for sellers and shoppers because everything that you need is on just one website.

However, eBay does not go easy with its users as it’s one of the firmest companies to ban their users, especially if you do not follow their set of rules.

Using proxy servers can get your account suspended or, later on, banned from eBay. But this is not just the case because when you do too much of everything, like selling or buying, you can still get denied.

This is a fair warning to all eBay users because eBay bans the IP address, email address, account holder, and the user’s physical address. So, if you use eBay in a shared environment like an office or house, then everyone won’t be able to access eBay.


How can I get back to using eBay?

Using proxies can be a great idea when you have been suspended. However, using a proxy route can lead you to more trouble, especially when you get caught. So, if you want to use eBay again, it is not just about the IP address but a new physical address, account name, and email address. eBay does not want to deal with bots but with real people. 

So, use a proxy from the very start in creating your eBay account. Then, if you get banned, it is not difficult to move to the following IP address.


How to use E-commerce Proxies to avoid bans?

Since eBay is strict, you also have to be keen on using proxies with eBay. Therefore, do not go for free proxies, instead go for a dedicated proxy server. 

Keep your IP addresses in line by avoiding red flags. A good example is when you frequently use one account with one IP address and the activity in a day is relatively high. eBay is highly aware that humans can’t do that, but bots do.


How can the problem be solved?

Proxy Usage

Do not use too many proxies for one account. It is highly recommended to use a few proxies for one account because one or two will do. Before accessing your eBay account, make sure that you are using the same IP as before.

If you plan to make many accounts, you have to have a different email address or make sure that each account is associated with an actual human.


Choose a Reliable Proxy Service

Choose a reliable proxy server. It should be able to back you up at all times.


Don’t use VPN

VPNs may work well with eBay but won’t issue a new IP address in case you get banned.


Use Fresh IP Addresses

If you can use new IPs, then it would be better not only for eBay but also for other websites. 


Do Not Use Free Proxies

Free proxies are not stable and can cause you more problems. They are full of crawlers and may cause your account to get banned in less than 24 hours.


Avoid Using Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are used by other people and can cause problems like getting banned. You might not know that your proxy mate will cause your eBay account to get banned.



Overall, using e-commerce proxies is the best option when using e-commerce websites, especially eBay. Choose a reliable proxy for your e-commerce website usage to avoid getting banned permanently. Also, adhering to policies is a great way to keep your accounts active at all times. 

Using e-commerce websites will never be the same experience. Moreover, shopping can be more fun by using reliable e-commerce proxies. So, add to your cart now!