How to Rotate Proxies on Our Site (Manually, Automatically, and API)

If you have recently tried our service or planning to try but do not know how to rotate proxies, we’ve compiled three ways on how you can do it as straightforward as possible. Read on to know more about how to rotate proxies on our site.


Here are the ways on how you may rotate proxies with The Social Proxy:


Rotate Proxies Manually

Full video: 

Step 1: Go to The Social Proxy’s dashboard.

Step 2: Then, on the left-hand side, select 4G/LTE Proxies.

Step 3: And then, simply click Rotate at the last row. (Wait until Success notification pops up)

Step 4: To check, go to Google and search “What is my IP.” Link :


Rotate Proxies Automatically

Full Video:


Step 1: Go to The Social Proxy’s dashboard.