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While proxies can be quite beneficial in terms of online anonymity, setting them up might seem tedious at times, especially when you need to swap them frequently.

You’ll agree with us that repeating the entire process every now and again is not only boring but also time-consuming. However, with the aid of BP Proxy Switcher, changing proxies on Chrome has become simple and painless, typically requiring only a few clicks.

BP Proxy Switcher brings you BP Proxy Switcher. Finally, here is a well-known private proxy service provider. With this Chrome proxy plugin, you can easily add all of your proxies from a clipboard or URL. Then, following the upload, you may easily switch between proxies with the press of a button.

Additionally, it includes an autorotate feature that automatically changes the proxy every 60 seconds. One advantage of this one is that it displays the nation of origin for each proxy. Additionally, it enables you to clear the cache prior to switching to a new proxy.

However, as with the other extensions, there is no per-tab proxy; instead, the proxy you use at any one time is determined by the browser.

How to Add Proxy

Change proxies with a single click.

With this chrome proxy extension, you may load a list of proxies from the clipboard or a URL once and then switch between them with a single click.

Options for the proxy plugin

Step 1: List the countries associated with each proxy.

Step 2: prior to switching to a new proxy, clear the cache.

Step 3: When changing the proxy, the current tab should automatically reload.

Step 4: Automatically change the proxies every X seconds.

Step 5: Load the proxies list from a .txt file via a URL every X minutes.


How to Add Proxies to BP Proxy Switcher

1. After adding the extension to your Chrome, click it and this will show.

2. Click “edit”.

3. Add the proxy using the encircled format.

Due to Chrome’s constraints, it is not feasible to configure a distinct proxy for each chrome tab; instead, the proxy is configured for the entire Chrome profile.

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