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Each device that is connected to the internet has an IP address. As you might imagine, there are billions of IP addresses available globally. 

On the internet, IP addresses are visible to everyone. Other internet users can track your location, the internet service provider you use to connect to the internet, and much more using your IP address. 

In this article, we will show you how to hide your IP address using epic ways. 

1. Proxy

A proxy, or proxy server, is a system that has its own IP address and acts as a bridge between you and the internet. When internet users use a proxy server, their internet requests are routed through the proxy server first and then to online resources. When the proxy server gets the response from the web servers, it returns it to the user, ensuring enhanced levels of anonymity by hiding the user’s true IP address. 

Additionally, proxies provide additional benefits to their users. Each residential proxy server is associated with a specific location and provides access to geo-restricted content, even if the actual IP address lacks the authority to access this type of online content. Therefore, if you want to access content in the USA, you can simply use a US proxy.

2. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is the most frequently used method of concealing your IP address. A VPN enables you to access region-restricted websites, as well as protect your browsing activity. 

When you connect to the internet, a VPN acts as a middleman by masking your IP address and establishing a secure tunnel through which your data is encrypted. Websites see the IP address of the VPN server, not your own. Additionally, these websites are unable to access your actual browsing data due to their encryption.

3. TOR

TOR is open-source software for anonymous communication. Using TOR is an effective way to completely hide your IP address. Simply put, your traffic is routed through a number of different servers before arriving at the desired website. 

You can use TOR if you’re looking for a simple and free way to hide your IP address. This solution, however, may cause a noticeable slowdown in your internet connection. You should determine whether this method is appropriate for your circumstances. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for additional free ways, you can use a private search engine such as DuckDuckGo. To respond to a question about whether DuckDuckGo hides your IP address, you can rest assured that no one can monitor your browsing activity.

4. Mobile Network

If you want to disguise your IP address quickly, you can use your mobile network. Your IP address is capable of changing whenever you activate your mobile data. This reduces the traceability of your traffic. 

You should be aware that this solution will reduce connection speeds, will consume your data plan, and will transmit data in an unencrypted format. This option will come in handy in certain circumstances, such as when your IP address is being attacked. 

5. Public Wi-Fi

Connecting your computer to an open Wi-Fi network is an easy way to hide your IP address. There are, however, numerous risks associated with connecting to public hotspot networks. For instance, there are frequently multiple unchecked connections concurrently. Additionally, an unsecured public network exposes your device to security risks. 

Consider this option in exceptional circumstances as a means of hiding your IP address in order to protect yourself from hackers.

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