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Many internet users have grown dissatisfied with the internet’s ever-dwindling levels of privacy and freedom. There must be a method to access the internet without fear of websites saving your data or someone spying on you, and there is. 

Using effective proxies is one technique to remain one step ahead of stalkers, but you must integrate them into your online browser. This article offers a step-by-step guide for Mozilla users on how to utilize a proxy in Firefox. 

Proxies are not just beneficial for avoiding inquisitive eyes; they have a plethora of applications on the internet. They are particularly beneficial to data-driven organizations that rely on competitor data to make informed decisions. Additionally, they are beneficial for managing various social media profiles in order to reach a bigger audience and increase company awareness.


What Is an Internet Protocol Address? 

When you shop online for shoes or clothing, you always need to enter a mailing address in order to get your purchase. An IP address is similar to a shipping address, except that you are seeking data rather than shoes. How? 

When you attempt to visit a web page, you are making a request to the web server, inquiring about the data included on the page. Your requests are reviewed, and once authorized, you are presented with the data via a web page. 

You transmit the request using your IP address, which serves as your online identifier, and the webserver returns the requested data to you using your IP address. 


Each device that connects to the internet is allocated a unique string of numbers that provides useful information such as the device’s location and type. The IP address is represented by this series of digits.


Recognizing Proxy 

Between your device and the internet is a proxy server. Therefore, when utilizing a proxy, you will not have a direct internet connection, but your web requests will be routed through the proxy before being transmitted to the webserver. 

The request is no longer transmitted from your IP address but from the proxy’s, which is why proxies can be used to conceal your true identity. 

Proxies are used in a variety of ways by different enterprises and industries. Some use it to monitor web access from their institution, to validate advertisements, to shoe cop, to manage various social media accounts for business marketing, to web scrape for pricing intelligence, and to assist in making educated decisions in general. 


Proxies can also be used illegally, but we strongly advise against it because we at The Social Proxy believe in privacy and security for a safer internet.


How to Configure a Proxy Server in Firefox 

Step 1: Begin by launching Mozilla Firefox. 

Step 2: hover your cursor over the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Step 3: Select “Options.” 

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of “General” and click on “Settings” beneath “Network Proxy.” 

Step 5: Select “Manual Proxy Configuration” and enter the proxy server’s IP address and port.


This article is intended to assist you in achieving anonymity and also in accessing stuff that is blocked in your location due to geo-blocking. Thus, you can access the internet with little or no restrictions if you follow the proper procedures and utilize a premium proxy such as The Social Proxy.

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