Ultimate eBay Stealth Account Guide for 2022

Are you looking for another approach to increase your eBay sales and profits? Then, you’re at the right place!

We will take you on a journey through the world of eBay stealth accounts. Our eBay stealth guide will walk you through the entire process of creating an eBay stealth account, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Understanding What An eBay Stealth Account Is

To begin, stealth eBay accounts are eBay accounts created with information and identities that differ from the actual owners. While it may appear as if you’re attempting to sell on eBay as super-spy, these eBay stealth accounts are simply standard accounts that serve a legal purpose for any respectable eBay seller wishing to register a new account.

Difference Between Stealth Accounts and Regular Accounts

The difference is that all the credentials and private information used to construct these accounts are either fictitious or stolen from someone else. This means that any eBay account does not bear the owner’s true identity.

eBay stealth accounts are distinct from PayPal stealth accounts, and activating one does not grant access to the other. They both, however, serve the same aim as circumventing eBay restrictions on your store, including suspended accounts or sales limits.

Benefits of Using a Stealth Account

One of the benefits of employing stealth accounts is that we can duplicate successful listings from your primary eBay account.

For instance, if one of your listings is performing really well in one of your stores, you can duplicate it using additional stealth accounts to maximize earnings on both accounts.

What could be better than having a single listing on page one? THERE ARE SEVERAL LISTINGS ON PAGE 1!

In this manner, you may dominate the first few pages of search results on eBay and even on certain Google searches, all while selling the same goods through many businesses. This also implies that if one of your eBay stealth accounts is suspended, you can continue to work on other accounts and advance them.

As a result, you will never be without revenue or a job since if your hidden eBay account is suspended, you can always switch to another stealth eBay account.

Additionally, employing hidden accounts allows you to circumvent your selling limits, as listing across numerous accounts automatically increases your overall limits.

What eBay’s Connected Accounts Are

Connected accounts are instances in which eBay will connect accounts belonging to the same individual by the same name. Using a Christmas comparison, these connected accounts are similar to Christmas lights. If one of them goes out, they all go out as well, even if just one is broken (or flagged in the case with eBay accounts). This implies that if one of your connected eBay accounts is suspended, it is possible that all of your other eBay accounts will be frozen as well due to their connection.

The net result is that you may be unable to continue selling if eBay does not reinstate your account, or you may be unavailable for an extended period of time due to eBay’s relatively lengthy appeals procedure.

Stealth Accounts vs. Connected Accounts

Having stealth accounts ensures that you have a backup plan in case your account is suspended, and it also maintains your accounts safer than using “connected accounts.” The idea is to keep your primary account healthy at all times, and you should place a high premium on this account’s improvement. We use eBay stealth accounts as a scaling technique and an insurance policy in case our primary account ever goes down, but we don’t rely on them substantially in general.

In terms of sales, however, creating eBay stealth accounts improves the efficiency of your overall business’s costs and expenses due to the increased money production. This is true if you created a second account using the information of your friends or family (with permission).

Risks of Using a Stealth eBay Account

What you need to understand is that the risks associated with opening a stealth account arise only when you utilize accounts that have the following:

  • Fake data and information
  • Purchased accounts 
  • Accounts with user history unknown

It is not safe or legal to use accounts using fictitious information, and we strongly advise against it. Using the accounts of a family member or someone you know is the better alternative.

Does eBay Know If I’m Using a Stealth Account?

eBay can determine if you are using a stealth account via various means. It is critical, therefore, to adhere to a specific method when accessing and operating your stealth accounts. Failure to do so may result in an eBay suspension, especially if eBay associates several accounts with the same IP address or unreliable IP addresses.

It’s worth noting that eBay operates similarly to a computer. This means they employ systems and algorithms to ensure merchants abide by their policies. As such, comprehending the algorithm enables you to “hack the system” in your favor.

Step By Step Guide on How to Create an eBay Stealth Account 

After we’ve addressed some of the most often asked issues about eBay stealth accounts, we’ll discuss the step-by-step process for creating these eBay accounts.

Step 1: Use your friends’ and family’s accounts

When all other options have been exhausted, and you need to create new accounts for your businesses, the best course of action is to use your friends’ and family’s eBay accounts, as these will be the most reliable accounts for this intent, as you will be familiar with their account history and can trust them.

Step 2: Access your computer remotely

Following that, it’s critical to open a new eBay account correctly. As such, we advocate using a remote computer prior to the opening phase. Numerous companies offer fantastic remote computer management services.

Step 3: Set up browser history

You know those obnoxious pop-ups that appear on nearly every page nowadays requiring that you authorize cookies? As it turns out, these cookies are one of the first measures to avoid suspension while creating an eBay stealth account.

When you begin using a remote browser, you immediately begin creating browser history cookies. By creating these cookies, you can establish the legitimacy of your IP address and avoid suspicious and unnecessary security jumps on the websites for which we work, such as eBay.

Step 4: Create an eBay account

Creating an eBay account is straightforward. Simply create an eBay account in the same manner as you would any other eBay account.

A Quick Overview of How to Create an eBay Account:

  1. Create an eBay account by entering your information on the website; if you already have one and are presently using it to purchase products on the site, this approach will work as well.
  2. Select “Selling” from the My eBay menu on the website.
  3. Provide the required personal information and click Continue until the My eBay Selling overview appears. Then, simply connect your Paypal or Payoneer accounts and you’re ready to go!

Final Words

Creating several eBay accounts is a tried and true strategy for maximizing revenue as eBay sellers or drop shippers. By just following along with this eBay stealth tutorial and learning how to publish effective listings through trial and error, you’ll be well on your way to establishing numerous stealth accounts and scaling your business enterprise immediately. Check out The Social Proxy for more proxy information.


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