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Proxies are generally split into two broad categories: residential proxies and datacenter proxies.

The residential proxy is a proxy type connected with an internet service provider and enables you to browse the internet from a certain location. Your IP address is masked behind this type of proxy, making it difficult to detect your bots.

Compared to the residential proxy, the datacenter proxy is unaffiliated with Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Its service is provided by a third-party provider of private IP addresses. Due to the cloud-based nature of its servers, this type of proxies is frequently utilized concurrently by a large number of users. This, however, has no bearing on their effectiveness.

Therefore, regardless of the type of proxy you need, The Social Proxy is a reputable proxy service provider that can help you.

Getting To Know PhantomBot

PhantomBot is one of the most advanced sneaker bots available online today.

Ghost AIO, a business well-known for fashion and shopping automation, produced this Bot. Meanwhile, Phantom is just one of their several offerings.

Since its introduction in late 2018, it has been a huge success with retailers. Phantom integrates with Shopify, Adidas, Yeezysupply, Footsites, and Supreme.

Additionally, it includes a slew of incredible features that have earned it a spot on users’ favorite Sneaker Bot lists.

Among these features is the possibility to download a bot, a proxy tester page, and an intuitive control panel.

Also, they feature an analytical area where you can access detailed information on successful checkouts, carts, and single checkout breakdowns.

Why Do You Need Proxies for PhantomBot?

As noted previously, PhantomBot is one of the best sneaker bots. You already know how beneficial these bots can be in simplifying your work, lowering your stress, and conserving battery life while shopping.

With PhantomBot, you may swiftly acquire a large number of sneakers. Additionally, you can receive new sneakers rapidly before they sell out.

However, there is a catch, as just a few online retailers permit the employment of bots. Indeed, the majority of them despise bot traffic and will go to any extent to avoid it.

However, in order to circumvent this type of restriction, you will require the assistance of a proxy.

Proxies disguise your true IP address, allowing you to connect anonymously. Additionally, proxies offer thousands of IP addresses from which you can choose.

Another unique feature of proxies is that you may continuously cycle your IP addresses regularly, allowing you to surf and purchase online anonymously.

Thus, using proxies for PhantomBot, purchasing online is guaranteed to be completely unrestricted.

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