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Let us show you the best proxies for Gmass and how to use them to protect your emails from being classified as spam in this article.


Best Proxies For Gmass

Searching the internet for the best proxies for Gmass can be time-consuming, as there are thousands of proxy services. Not to worry; TheSocialProxy is the optimal proxy to use with Gmass.

With a focus on home proxies, TheSocialProxy provides genuine residential IP addresses, which means your emails are less likely to be marked as spam. Additionally, the proxies are secure and confidential.


Getting To Know Gmass

Gmass is a popular Chrome extension for Gmail that enables you to do a lot more than you can with the default Gmail interface. It’s a freemium service; you can send up to 50 emails each day for free; to send more, you must subscribe to a subscription plan starting at $19.95.

With Gmass, you can go beyond the limitations of Gmail. The technology enables you to conduct larger email campaigns, and you can use Google Sheets to do mail merge in Gmail. The latter function eliminates the need to export CSV files, as it connects directly to Google Sheets.

You may plan bulk emails and mail merges, customize each piece of text, and automate follow-ups. This is accomplished rather simply by clicking the Build Email List button; it loads all the email addresses into a specific search window – a feat accomplished by only a few bulk email services.

Reporting analytics is one of its strongest features. The tool generates campaign-level reports on each critical parameter you should be aware of. You get access to the primary statistics, domain data, and campaign reports on responses, bounces, and blocks, among other things.

Gmass users have sent over 3.4 billion mass emails to date, and the number is growing at a rate of over 2.5 million emails per day on average.


What Proxies Can Do To Help You Avoid Your Spam Folder

One of the most significant issues that Gmass users have is emails being routed to spam. The majority of email systems block spam emails based on their transmission method. Because Gmass is a self-contained technology, it makes it extremely easy for these email services to label their messages as spam.

Even if this occurs only once, if your IP address is flagged by the provider, all subsequent emails will be classified as spam. There are several Gmass spam solver tools available — in fact, Gmass includes a built-in spam solver. However, a straightforward solution to the problem is to use the correct IP addresses; here is where proxies come into play.

With a proxy, you can have access to thousands, if not millions, of IP addresses. If your emails are being routed to spam as a result of your traditional email address being blocklisted, moving to a different IP address via a proxy will resolve the issue.

Additionally, if email systems are now viewing Gmass emails as bot emails, all that is required is to replicate human traffic. In other words, you’ll need to make Gmass emails look to be sent by a human being rather than a tool.

To accomplish this, you’ll need extremely trustworthy residential IP addresses, which you may obtain through proxies. Residential proxies are obtained from ISPs and are thus associated with physical locations. To further conceal the program, you can cycle these IP addresses, which decreases the likelihood of any being blocklisted.


The Takeaway

By utilizing proxies, you may prevent your Gmass emails from being classified as spam. While there are other proxy providers available, TheSocialProxy is highly recommended.

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