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This article will demonstrate how to scrape data from Manta.


Getting To Know Manta

Manta is a famous online business directory for American small enterprises. In addition to providing services such as website creation and search engine optimization, the platform allows small entrepreneurs to list their businesses and obtain visibility. They offer both complimentary and paid listing services.

Annually, around 45 million people visit Manta, and the platform is ranked by Google; therefore, it is a fantastic potential for small businesses.

By listing your business on Manta, you make it easier for local customers to find you. You can post contact and location information, as well as your company’s logo, images, and brief description.

With Premium Listing, you may take advantage of sophisticated features such as the Manta verified badge, positioning in targeted search results, analytics, and corporate page reporting, and your business will be featured on over 100 websites. This premium package has a monthly fee of $49.

More than a million local businesses are currently listed on Manta, along with over sixty million corporate profiles.


How To Scrape Data From Manta

As a small company, you may list your business profile on Manta for free, alongside millions of other listings. This indicates that Manta contains millions of business prospects. You can obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites of any company with which you wish to conduct business.

You can also utilize the data to monitor your industry’s competitors. Customer reviews and ratings provide insight into what others say about a company.

However, you cannot manually transfer all of this data. Even if you were just interested in 100,000 company profiles, it would take days to copy them off the Manta website physically.

Therefore, we utilize web scraping. Web scraping is merely an automated technique for extracting vast quantities of data from any web platform. This method is significantly simpler, more convenient, effective, and quicker than manually pulling data from Manta.


Scraping Manta Tools

You will need a web scraper and a proxy to scrape Manta. A web scraper is merely a bot that crawls the target website, identifies the desired data, and downloads it to your computer.

There are numerous trustworthy web scrapers accessible; all you need to do is describe whatever data you wish to capture. However, there is a possibility that your web scraping bot will be blacklisted. Websites such as Manta solely value human traffic and restrict bot traffic.

One explanation for this is the prevalence of bots in malicious actions such as hacking and cyberattacks. In addition, since they can send several requests automatically, they can overwhelm a website’s server.

The safe operation of a scraping bot is optimized so that it does not harm the target website. However, the website cannot distinguish between safe and unsafe bots, so it blocks them all. A proxy can solve this issue, making it one of the most useful tools.


What Are The Best Proxies For Scraping Manta?

A proxy is a connection between your computer and the Internet. The traffic you send from your device is sent by the proxy to the destination website. The same phenomenon occurs when a website delivers traffic to itself.

This indicates that the target website has no interaction with your device, or in this case, your scraping bot. Consequently, the proxy disguises your scraping bot and makes your connection appear authentic by substituting your IP address.

Both residential and data center proxies can be used. However, residential proxies are recommended.

While scraping, you can optionally configure the proxy to rotate IP addresses so that no single IP sends too many queries to avoid an IP ban. If an IP is blocked, you can easily move to another IP because proxies include thousands or millions of IP addresses.

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