Scraping ProductHunt With The Social Proxy

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ProductHunt is a website for online retailers, eCommerce sellers, and even customers. It is a website where you may locate new products in numerous sectors. On ProductHunt, all products are submitted by users.

The website has a commenting and voting system. The products with the most votes are positioned at the top of the daily rankings. ProductHunt has four primary product categories. This covers books, games, technology, and podcasts.

It is simple to submit products for inclusion on the ProductHunt website. You are just required to enter the product’s title, URL, and tagline. Since its inception, the website has assisted customers in discovering more than 100 million products from 50,000 companies.

To ensure that customers don’t miss the latest trends, the website provides a daily email list with the top tech products from the previous day, as well as a featured collection. In addition to the website, an iOS, macOS, and Android application is available. Additionally, the platform offers a Chrome extension.


Scraping ProductHunt 

Why would someone scrape ProductHunt? You can imagine how valuable ProductHunt’s knowledge and data are as a retailer: items, reviews, ratings, and more. The ProductHunt data scraping benefits both sellers and vendors. In conclusion, ProductHunt is a comprehensive resource for product information.

Sellers must conduct market research to identify the most profitable niche. By scraping ProductHunt, you will be able to determine the most popular types of products as well as the structure of product categories and how they relate to your business.

Frequent scraping of best-selling and top-rated products might help you identify products that are losing their top-selling rankings. Scraping ProductHunt data from competing products that provide this information, which the seller can subsequently use to optimize their own assortment and production resources.

In addition, scraping provides the pricing list for a variety of products. A comparative pricing analysis will aid you in discovering price trends, researching your competitors, and determining the most successful pricing strategy. A strong pricing strategy will increase profits and make your organization more competitive.

You cannot directly copy information from ProductHunt pages. Web scraping can facilitate the extraction of e-commerce data. Therefore, you need an efficient web scraping bot. I’ll explain why you need a proxy as a further requirement.


Why You Need Proxies When Scraping ProductHunt 

When scraping websites such as ProductHunt with a web crawler or automated scraper, you may have difficulties because they deploy bot detection technology to limit bot traffic. If the anti-bot detects your bot, your IPs will be denied access to the website. IP rotation is the easiest approach to avoid this from occurring.

Proxy servers conceal your true IP address and provide many new IP addresses. By rotating the IP addresses, they enable you to scrape data without worrying about being banned by websites. Several products on ProductHunt may also be restricted to specific regions. The product details cannot be viewed if you do not reside in that location.

Since you may alter your IP address via a proxy, you can circumvent geo-restrictions if the content you wish to scrape is not accessible from your location by selecting an IP from a nation where the product is permitted.

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