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If you’re searching for the top web scraping project ideas, this post has you covered.

Information is everything in the internet age. Businesses, corporations, governments, and even non-profits rely on data and its insights to survive.

Using a method such as web scraping, it is considerably quicker to collect data from websites. If you’re familiarizing yourself with web scraping, here are some projects you can try.

Web Scraping Project Ideas

1. Political Data Scraping

Today, the internet, particularly social media, significantly impacts political issues. Thanks to the internet, digital phenomena such as #BlackLivesMatter in the United States, #MeToo in the United States, and #EndSARS in Nigeria have become global movements. Consequently, authorities and political parties are sourcing support for their campaigns through social media.

Do you wish to learn the political opinions of citizens from various nations? It is possible to scrape platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Such analyses are available for purchase by governments and political parties in order to structure their campaigns better.

2. Movies Review Scraping 

Netflix had more than 200 million paid subscribers worldwide in the third quarter of 2021, not to add the numbers for Disney+ and Amazon Prime. This indicates that many individuals watch movies. Before watching a movie, people always want to read reviews to determine whether it is worthwhile.

Rather than loading each page individually, you can scrape websites like IMDB and to obtain movie reviews. Then, you may read the evaluations offline and with greater convenience, and you can easily share them with others.

3. Flights Ticket Price Scraping

No one wants to pay more than necessary for their next plane ticket. Different flight booking websites offer varying pricing, which might also vary based on the origin of the booking, among other considerations. It is impractical to visit every flight booking website and compare their pricing individually.

Using web scraping, you can examine ticket booking websites and retrieve information on flights within your price range. Kayak, Momondo, Priceline, and Expedia are examples of websites where flight ticket rates can be scraped.

4. Hotel Pricing Scraping

Similar to purchasing flights, you do not want to pay more than necessary for a hotel stay. If you are traveling to a new city, you can scrape the web for information on hotels in the area. Moreover, you can specify a price range as you scrape.

Then, you may compare the costs to the hotel’s amenities to book the most economical alternative. You may scrape The Hotel’s Own Website, Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, Momondo, and, among other prominent hotel booking websites.

5. Crypto Price Scraping

With current blockchain innovations such as DeFi and NFTs, cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the most popular investment vehicles. Investors in cryptocurrencies want to know the pricing of the coins they hold at all times. Despite this, there are over 6,000 coins and hundreds of DeFi projects.

It can be challenging to monitor the market so as to avoid missing out on the hottest coins and blockchain initiatives. Web scraping can be used to retrieve cryptocurrency prices in bulk from websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinCodeX, and CoinGecko. You can always define which trends will be scraped by your bot.

6. SEO Scraping

Monitoring SEO is essential for every online business. Google logs around 220 million searches every hour, or 6 billion searches each day. This is a fairly large figure, but keep in mind that Google has over 56 billion web pages. Without effective SEO, it is quite easy for your web pages to become lost in the crowd.

With SEO scraping, you may gather SERP data from Google and Bing to determine which keywords are hot and which websites rank for them. This differs from standard keyword research in that you are extracting both keywords and web pages.

In other words, you are also extracting ranking variables such as HTML elements, metadata, title tags, and others. SEO scraping can also be used for backlink building.


Final Words On Web Scraping Project Ideas

You may experiment with any of the given web scraping project ideas. Use a reliable proxy to prevent your scraping bot from being blocked.

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