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AllData Aggregation

Data aggregation is the process of collecting, organizing, and sharing data from multiple sources. It’s an essential part of any business. That was why some IT companies came up with and offered data aggregation services.

This article discusses AllData Aggregation, how proxy boosts its activities, and which proxy type suits it best.


What is AllData Aggregation?

AllData Aggregation is a powerful tool for financial services companies. It makes it easier to find out about a customer’s account, which gives them important information about how they bank and invest.

AllData Aggregation gives financial institutions access to data from more than 18,000 sources—from banking, investments, retirement accounts, and more. With this, institutions can learn more about their customers’ financial situations. This allows them to find new ways to grow their business and make money.

AllData Aggregation also goes beyond cleaning and normalizing data. It provides improved, actionable data with added value. This data can be used directly or through partner solutions for financial planning led by an advisor. Management of one’s investments or personal financial management can also use this data.


Flexible integration is a feature of AllData Aggregation. It works with any application that requires personal financial data, no matter what platform it was built on. It is available via REST API.

AllData Aggregation also has the best coverage you can find. It offers a full view of an investment portfolio with various account types.

In addition, this tool also has security that can’t be beaten. It uses the same technology that the best banks in the world use. It keeps their websites safe and protects personal information, account, and transaction data.

Lastly, it features superior, reliable data. AllData Aggregation gives information about account balances and transactions. This information is updated daily and goes through a standard set of checks to ensure accuracy.


How Does Proxy Boost AllData Aggregation Activities?

AllData Aggregation has many great features, but a proxy can improve this system. Though a proxy is not essential for data aggregation, it is needed to work well. The proxy makes the scraping process easier.

Proxy servers can boost AllData Aggregation activities as they act as intermediaries. They stand between the user and the destination website. They collect information from both sides and send it to the other end of the connection as a single packet.

Users can avoid traffic jams because all their connections go through one proxy server instead of a bunch of different ones.

The proxy server also adds an extra layer of security. It keeps the user’s information hidden from third parties who might be able to see if the user is connected directly to the website.


Which Proxy Type is Well Suited for Data Aggregation?

The best proxy type for AllData Aggregation depends on your specific needs. However, residential proxies suit best. This is because they work well for any data aggregation processes. Since their proxy address is linked to a real computer system, they appear like an actual address. This reduces the suspicions about the IP addresses. Also, with the residential pools, people can find proxies of various locations and protocols to access specific sites.



AllData Aggregation is a powerful tool. Financial companies can use it to improve their data aggregation abilities. Even though proxy is not the primary component of the process, it can still help improve results and make the process more secure.

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