Proxy for Ticket Bots: How to Buy Multiple Tickets Without Hassle

Proxy for Ticket Bots

If you’re a regular moviegoer, concert-goer, or event-goer, you know that buying tickets to these events can be frustrating. It can take weeks of planning and waiting to get your hands on some tickets, only to have them sold out minutes after they go on sale.

This mostly happens because of ticket bots. Ticket bots are tools people use to get as many tickets as they want. 

To give you an idea about ticket bots, this post will talk about what they are and how proxy for ticket bots can help you get your hands on the ticket you want.


What are ticket bots, and how do they work?

A bot is a program that runs automatically over the Internet to do a specific task or set of tasks. Ticket bots are a type of bot that does ticketing jobs, like scraping pricing information, checking inventory for newly released seats, or buying tickets.

Ticket bots are built to do their jobs quickly. They can open more than one window and go through the steps of buying tickets at the same time. So, some people use these bots to purchase many tickets at once and sell them on secondary ticket sites for a quick profit.

Ticket bots offer several essential features. They automate everything from account creation to checkout. Most of the automation with ticket bots rests with filling out the necessary details. By a wide margin, they beat regular customers with this. Even if they both get to the website at the same time, bots can buy a few tickets before a real person can get one.

Some bots also keep track of how many online tickets are sold. They can keep an eye on many websites and always know when new tickets go on sale. Bots start buying tickets in great numbers. When a ticket bot starts to buy, sometimes regular users won’t even know about the sale.


What is a proxy for ticket bots?

A proxy for ticket bots is an intermediary device that changes the user’s IP address and allows them to maximize the efficiency of bots. Most websites track users through the IP address allocated to their device. For instance, ticketing sites can tell when the same person is trying to buy tickets more than once and can easily limit them.

However, a proxy for ticket bots allows users to use it as a relay. It takes the user’s connection request to a site, sends it to the intended recipient, and returns the response. A proxy does all this while pretending to be the originator of the connection.


Why do you need a proxy for ticket bots?

When it comes to ticket bots, proxies are a game changer. Here are some of the reasons why:

Evade Bans

Some sites ban ticket bots because they want to give priority to real people who might want to buy tickets to their shows. However, if you use a proxy for ticket bots, it won’t know where the purchase is coming from! It lets you get around these bans, so you can still buy tickets from sites like Ticketmaster.

Change Perceived Location

Proxy servers also let you change where it looks like your computer is located. If the event is sold out in one city but not in another, you can use a proxy server to make it look like your computer is coming from a city where seats are still available.

Make Bots Run Faster

Proxy servers help bots run faster. This is because the proxy will connect you to the server of your choice and other servers to pass information back and forth between them. So, you don’t have to wait for data to get from one server to another—already it’s there!

Security and Anonymity

Since you’re not connecting directly to the server, you won’t be showing up in any logs or databases as having connected. The server only sees your IP address on the proxy’s IP address—nothing more. You also don’t have to worry about someone following your connection to your computer. They’d need both your IP address and the proxy’s IP address, which can easily be changed.


What proxy to use?

Ticketing websites are getting more rigid in their fight against ticket bots. They are always looking for people trying to cheat and buy more than one ticket. This is the reason why ticket bots are best paired with proxies. 

While there are different types, most ticket bots use residential proxies. This is because residential proxies are the most reliable and fastest ones. Also, if you use residential proxies, your connection will look like any other normal web traffic because they are tied to real ISP customers at home. It will be hard for ticketing sites to detect them.



Ticket bots can be a great way to buy tickets for concerts, sports events, or movie screenings. With ticket bots and a reliable proxy, you’ll be able to purchase multiple tickets without hassle. You don’t have to worry about missing out on any events.

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