Proxy For Cybersole: How to Up Your Copping Game

Proxy for Cybesole

If you’re a sneakerhead, you know how much pain it can be to cop the limited edition pairs you want. You know what it’s like to spend hours on the phone, trying to track down a pair for yourself because you really want that pair in your life. 

With Cybersole and a proxy, you can get the best sneakers without hassle. This post will talk about Cybersole, its key features, and why you should use a proxy for Cybersole to up your copping game. 

About Cybersole

Launched in 2017, Cybersole, also known as CyberAIO, is one of the top sneaker bots in the market. It is an exclusive all-in-one bot that works with more than 250 sites, has completed more than 2 million checkouts, and has over $500 million total spent.

Cybersole has a good reputation among sneakerheads, especially those who take copping seriously. It works well, and unlike other bots, Cybersole has no limits on how much shopping it can do. This means that users can buy as many shoes as they want. Users can also enjoy unlimited simultaneous tasks since it can handle anything they throw at it without slowing down.

Cybersole’s only downside is that it is expensive and hard to get. According to their official website, it costs £300, which is about $358, with free updates for six months. After that, you’ll have to pay £100 (about $120) every six months to keep it going. On top of that, on average, Cybersole has a high resale value of $5,000. So, you should count yourself lucky if you can buy it on their official site or any other legitimate market. This is because it’s not easy to find in stores and always sells out when it becomes available.

Cybersole Key Features

Cybersole has become well-known in the copping world because of its consistency and many features. Here are some of its key features:

Easy-to-use Interface

Cybersole is great for new players. It has an easy-to-use interface that even a new user can figure out. Its website is sleek and well-organized, so the users can find what they need quickly without hassle. 

Free Mobile App

Cybersole stands out in a big way because it has a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android phones. With this app, users can create tasks, track successful checkouts, and look at analytics from their phones anytime and anywhere. They can also solve captchas when they are away from their computer.

Restock Mode

AIO bots cannot 100% guarantee that users can get every sneaker they want. This is especially true when the sneaker is very popular, and lots of people want to buy it. There are times when not even bot users can get a pair. However, Cybersole has a nifty restock mode. It allows the bot to wait for the next drop automatically.


Most online stores use captchas to keep their sites safe, which can be annoying if you want to buy shoes from several different sites. However, Cybersole has a multi-tab and multi-window captcha solver. This will ensure that users can pass these captcha tests.

Responsive Customer Support

Cybersol’s website has as much information as possible about the bot, which makes it easy to get support and assistance. Also, they have a comprehensive user guide, a detailed FAQ page, and articles about any error a user might have. But if users still have trouble or questions, they can ask for help in their Discord community or send Cybersole an email.

Why use a proxy for Cybersole

Cybersole’s bot is one of the best, but it doesn’t work on its own. For it to work well, you need to use it with a proxy. If not, your IP address could be banned, and your orders could be canceled.

The Cybersole’s bot is still a bot. It still sends automated traffic, which most websites say is a big no-no. Most sites don’t allow automation and block users when detected. With this, people who want to use Cybersole need proxies. A proxy is a third party between your computer and the website you want to visit. With a rotating proxy, different IP addresses will be given to each request made by your bot. This way, the site you’re trying to get into won’t block you. Instead, you can access it easily because it thinks the requests come from different customers. 

Aside from this, you should use a proxy with Cybersole to speed up your bot. You can do this by using a proxy server that is located near the base of the website you are trying to access. The closer the proxy is to the site’s base, the better because the ping time will be much shorter.

Finding the best proxy for Cybersole

Cybersole is a high-quality bot that comes with a price. If you want to get your money’s worth, you should also invest in a trustworthy proxy. You must avoid cheap or even free proxies. They might be appealing, but they are more likely to get detected and blocked, which could ruin your copping game.

You need a premium residential proxy to get the best out of your bot. This type of proxy’s IP address comes from real devices provided by ISPs, making it almost impossible to detect. Also, residential proxies can be optimized for sneaker copping, making them the best choice.

You can find various residential proxy providers online, but you must make sure you choose a reputable one. You’ll want a reliable proxy that can handle your copping activities. To ensure this, you can research or read reviews about various proxy providers. You can also search for providers who offer free trials and avail them. This way, you can test if their proxies can meet your needs.


Cybersole is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to up their copping game. It is easy to use and has various features that will help you find the sneakers you want at the best price possible. However, it does not work on its own—you need a proxy for Cybersole to ensure that your bot avoids detection and bans. As a result, you can cop almost any limited edition sneakers you want in every drop.

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