How to Recover Your Instagram Locked Account

Instagram is one of the powerful social media platforms today. In the field of business, this platform is essential for marketing strategies. However, there are some instances that your account might be locked due to various activities detected by Instagram. It is certainly a frustrating experience. In this guide, we can show you the easy way to recover your account from being locked and continue to use your account effectively.  


Scroll down and learn the steps to regain your account. 


Go to the Instagram app.

Enter your username or email address.


Click Need more help?

Fill in the email used to create the account and the contact email. 


In question, what type of account are you trying to access? Choose “Personal account with photos of me”.

What is the reason for this request? 

Choose one of the options that is relevant. 

Submit your request.


After you did all the steps of requesting your account to get recovered. In the next 24-48 hours, you will receive an email from Facebook or Instagram. They will send you the information and instructions you need to follow.

Make sure to follow the instructions and provide the requested information or image. Usually the Instagram support is asking for an image of you. It is to make sure that you own the account.


Instagram support will ask for needed information and make sure to follow them. After that, you will receive another email for the last steps. 


You will receive an email helping you with recovering your account.



Follow the steps. 


Advise: If you haven’t received any response from the Instagram team, you can do it again until you get a response from them. 



Getting your account locked is a distressing experience. Don’t give up until you get your account recovered, especially if this account is an important one. Make sure to follow the steps above and most importantly the instructions coming from the Instagram team. 



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