How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for Ganesh

Proxy for Ganesh: An Introduction

Proxy for Ganesh? Ganesh bot is a shoe copping bot explicitly designed for Footlocker EU, Offspring, and Size copping. If you are familiar with these three websites, you will see that they are all based in the United Kingdom, and as such, it is reasonable to assume that the Ganesh sneaker bot is aimed towards a UK audience. If you’re still interested in using the bot, you can use a reshipping address — this is more expensive for lower-priced items. The bot has been consistently deleting releases, and it does not appear to be shrinking in size.

Proxy for Ganesh

The Initial Launch

  1. When using the CLI version of GaneshBot, the bot requires a.txt file with your proxies in order to read them and execute for a given release correctly.
  2. Upon initialization, GaneshBot will create an empty “proxies.txt” file. If this is your only.txt file, your tasks will be automatically assigned to it.
  3. Locate the “proxies.txt” file on your desktop in the “GaneshBot” folder. Proxies can be changed or duplicated within the file to create various proxy lists.

Adding several proxy lists

  1. All proxy files must be placed in the “GaneshBot” folder for the bot to detect them during startup.
  2. Your proxies must be arranged in a line-by-line fashion.
  3. GaneshBot will prompt you to select one before initiating your actions if you have numerous proxy lists.
  4. As you can see, you have the option of running ALL proxies or only the two proxy files.

How Is It Operated?

Ganesh bot is a web automation tool. By using their APIs, it automates the process of purchasing limited-edition sneakers from Size? Preview and Footlocker EU websites. The bot is composed of a backend and a graphical user interface. The User Interface is the component of the bot with which you interact; it is simple, modern, and stylish. The backend stores the bot’s logic and is inaccessible to you. The backend is in charge of sending web requests in response to your actions.