How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for NextPost

Now let’s talk about a proxy for NextPost. NextPost is an Instagram service that allows users to post stories, photographs, and other content automatically. In addition, posts are scheduled and prepared in advance, which eliminates the need for users to check their Instagram profiles more regularly. 

This web-based technology saves social media managers time and demonstrates to followers that the Instagram account is active by feeding timely posts.

How to configure NextPost to use a proxy server?

1. Signup at

2. Go to Accounts.

3. Click New Account to add your Instagram.

4. Fill up the Username and Password, including the Proxy (Optional) section if you have one.

Why The Social Proxy?

Our industry-leading quick IP proxy network enables the company to freely explore the internet, collect real-time data or online information critical to the company’s performance and development, and do so without ever being blocked. 

Whether it’s ensuring that your strategy is market-appropriate, monitoring competitor events and deals, or optimizing your product’s placement, you require relevant and reliable data to make informed business decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Posting on social media platforms has never been easier as it is with us!

Not only is social media used to connect with people, but it is also utilized to do business. Instagram is a popular social media site. 

Businesses use Instagram because it is a free platform that connects them with a large number of potential customers. However, posts require a significant amount of time. How exhausting could that be? So it’s fortunate that NextPost was founded.

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