How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for Socinator

A critical tool that no social media marketer or influencer should be without is a social media automation bot. With a proxy for Socinator, it enables you to automate all of your social media activity across all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Quora.

Socinator is a social media automation bot that enables you to contact millions of people globally by automating your social media marketing or influencer efforts. 

Rather than spending countless exhausting hours performing repetitive tasks such as updating your social media profiles, following, or seeking followers, Socinator automates all social media activities across all social media platforms by allowing you to schedule posts, automate comments, and likes, and so on. 

With Socinator, you can reach a larger audience globally and have a greater effect in less time, all while alleviating the stress associated with spending countless hours executing repetitive chores.

How to configure Socinator to use a proxy server?

1. To add single accounts in Socinator, you must go to Accounts Manager.

2. Select Add Single Account.

3. Then, fill in account details: Group Name, Email ID, Password.

4. Then fill in Proxy Address: and Proxy Port: 10000, along with the Proxy Username and Password.

5. Click Save.

6. Check account status to know if it’s a success.

Why Use A Proxy With Socinator?

The majority of social media sites have regulations against bot usage; hence, they have anti-bot technologies in place to identify and prevent bot activity on their platforms. This may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from your social media accounts, as well as the blacklisting of your IP address to prevent further bot usage. 

Socinator set with premium proxies is the optimal solution to circumvent antibot measures on social media networks. 

Proxies establish pseudo-proxy addresses that conceal and conceal Socinator’s actions; as a result, it is able to circumvent antibot systems on social media platforms, guaranteeing that your social media activities are not disrupted or delayed. 

Proxy IP addresses are obtained from proxy servers, which act as a go-between for your device and the host website. As a result, all data flow to and from your device is routed through the proxy server, which serves as a mask for your IP address, shielding Socinator’s actions from detection.