Why 4G & 5G Proxies Cost More: A Guide to Purchasing Reliable Mobile Proxies


Are you wondering whether you should get mobile proxies? Almost everybody these days uses the internet for some reason or another. And, in light of recent events, we’ve all felt compelled to operate as much as possible online. Businesses, takeout restaurants, and even schools have gone online.

The internet, as useful and dynamic as it is, still has flaws. Businesses are becoming more concerned about cybercrime. Even if you aren’t a company owner, you are vulnerable to cybercrime.

Cybercriminals can use your IP address to track down your location and other personal details. Simply put, cybersecurity must take precedence.

One solution for avoiding security breaches is by using proxies. And one of the most accessible types of proxies is mobile proxies, or what we often describe as 4G & 5G proxies. While mobile proxies appear to be useful, why should you invest your time and money in getting one?

Mobile proxy servers are helpful for both ordinary internet users and business owners. Here are a few compelling reasons to use mobile proxies.

  1. They may be able to assist you in accessing blocked websites in your area.
  2. They might provide you with access to content that is only available in a specific region.
  3. Because of its strong cache system, they speed up your browsing and data access.

Why do mobile proxies cost far more?

The new and most advanced form of proxy is 4G & 5G mobile proxies. Mobile proxies are a type of residential proxy. It outperforms traditional residential proxies due to performance.

Because of a new technology named CGNAT, 4G/LTE mobile proxies are so strong. They now make conventional IP bans absolutely useless.

Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation is a straightforward concept. It ensures that you can share your current IP address to hundreds, if not thousands, of other people. Websites are well aware of this. They know that a single banned IP could result in the banning of hundreds of legitimate users.

Since hundreds of real users share the same IP address, it’s much harder to detect. The actual users are essentially masking the bot and/or automation tools.

Are there free mobile proxies available?

You’ll have no trouble finding free mobile proxies. However, we recommend that you avoid them because they will not assist you with your needs.

Creating a mobile proxy network is a difficult task. A provider must obtain the devices to ensure that they stay linked to the network. Then they must configure the system so that a device is only used as a proxy when it is connected to mobile data. That’s a significant amount of effort.

The Social Proxy creates its own 4G & 5G proxies. This is to ensure the highest efficiency and dependability of a 4G & 5G proxy server.

Apart from creating proxies, we also ensure that they are appropriately managed. So that our customers always have the number of IPs they need and that the device functions properly. That’s a significant amount of work as well.

Costly High-quality Mobile Proxies

As you can see, high-quality mobile proxies aren’t cheap. Free proxy providers are almost undoubtedly unethical. If you come across such a service provided without charge, there is something wrong with it. 

The provider may already have a majority of blocked IP addresses. Perhaps these aren’t just mobile proxies but rather some low-cost data center proxies. In any case, you won’t be able to get good service for free.

The Social Proxy’s 4G & 5G proxies are reasonably priced. Plus, we offer many pricing plans that enable you to choose the number of IPs you need without overpaying. We can also build a custom plan for you if you contact us and describe your requirements.

Why should you avoid using free mobile proxies?

Free proxy services, in general, are not recommended. Here are five explanations for this:

  • Unknown and Unethical Sources

Any free proxy providers obtain residential IP addresses by intercepting their users’ IP addresses without their knowledge. Although unethical sourcing is not exclusive to free service providers, it is more prevalent among them. Also, bear in mind that if you use a free proxy IP address, you are most likely associating yourself with ethically biased individuals and organizations.

  • Security Issues

As previously mentioned, some people give away free IP addresses with the intent of committing cybercrime. Through using their services, you give them access to your personal information, which they can use to access and even change.

Even when the providers have the best of intentions, they rarely invest in security and instead rely on a trust scheme in the hopes that no one will attempt to hack and steal data. However, bad actors are still happy to take advantage of such flaws, and they will often enter free proxy services in order to gain access to and hack the IP addresses of their users.

  • Slower Connection

To boost their users’ experiences, most paying providers find ways to compensate for this mistake. A free service provider is unlikely to go above and beyond to allow such enhancements. Worse, since they are free, free programs are often used by many people at the same time. As a result, other people using the same proxy IP address can cause network speeds to slow down.

  • Website Bans

Since free proxies are widely accessible and widely used, there’s a good chance that anyone who has used the address in the past has had it blocked from websites you want to visit. Or you might start using the IP address successfully, only for it to be removed from a website because someone else did something suspicious with it.

  • Unwanted Ads

Ads may appear to have been vetted by the site when they are inserted into a page. However, this is not always the case. Besides being irritating, some advertisements can add malicious JavaScript to a trusted page, posing a security risk.

Where do you find reliable and low-cost mobile proxies?

Our proxy IP addresses are available at the most affordable rates at The Social Proxy. Our mobile 4G & 5G proxies are confident in their ability to provide you with unrestricted, infinite, and feature-rich internet access. Here are some of the other main features that our company can give you:

Automators designed our 4G & 5G proxies for automators, so we know what you’re looking for. Discover our comprehensive dashboard that will assist you with account management, development, and creation.

There are options for adding, deleting, rotating, setting time, retrieving IPs, having a proxy list, and much more. Our API will provide you with anything you need.

We own and share the entirety of our hardware and servers. That is how we can ensure the best quality at the best price and the highest degree of privacy and availability.


When searching the internet, mobile proxies have several benefits. They allow you to search as if you were in another country or access restricted websites in your area, and they can also speed up your browsing.

You can do all of these things while keeping your identity and details hidden from anyone who may want to take advantage of it. Investing a few dollars in a reputable mobile proxy is undoubtedly a benefit you can think about if you’re going to ensure your cybersecurity.