What Are Mobile Proxies: Everything to Know About It

What are Mobile Proxies? Does that ring a bell?

People are familiar with proxies but are very not familiar with mobile proxies. This article aims to address all your questions about them. Through this blog, you will understand:

  • What are they 
  • Why are they needed and;
  • If it is okay to use a free one

What are Mobile Proxies?

Generally, a proxy server makes you anonymous when using the internet. This is because it hides your IP address. A mobile proxy has something to do with a mobile device. Your mobile device acts like a proxy server that makes you access the internet using your mobile data allocation. You became anonymous because your internet provider gives your mobile phone its own IP address.  

They are composed of 3G and 4G connections assigned to selected mobile gadgets by a mobile internet service provider. Mobile proxies do not work with unused mobile phones and tablets. Mobile proxies are used by real people and will provide real IP addresses. They ensure anonymity because you can access sites even if you are not in that region or country.

Why do I need to use a mobile proxy?

Was there an instance that you couldn’t access a website because it says that you are prohibited from accessing from your area or region? Or have you ever tried being asked to input CAPTCHA or numbers and letters to verify that you are not a robot?

These are just two of the reasons why you need a mobile proxy. The two examples mentioned above means that your IP address shows your location, and therefore your identity has to be confirmed. 

Using a mobile proxy will avoid this problem because your actual IP address will be hidden and anonymous. Every time you connect to the internet using the 3G or 4G network, you will be given a new IP address, so it is impossible for you not to go to different websites. Once you decide to terminate the connection, your IP address returns to the pool of IP addresses and will be used by another user. You will be given a new one once you open your network once more. If you get annoyed using CAPTCHA, having your own mobile pest thing to proxy is the best thing to do. You can exclusively use one IP address, and another user won’t recycle it.

The advantage of having an exclusive proxy is that it lessens the risk of using a banned IP address.

Social Media Accounts

One of the most popular jobs these days is being a social media manager. Social media is used as a tool, especially in business marketing.

How do mobile proxies help social media managers?

If you use a social media account on different gadgets, you must brace yourself with the same IP address because you can get banned. This is because social media platforms have strict regulations of people who use other accounts and create various ones.

Social media platforms did this to avoid fraudulent activities. So, logging multiple accounts with the same IP address is a bad idea—good thing mobile proxies were created. You can avoid getting banned or restricted if you use your mobile phone. You have the assurance that the IP address will not be the same every time you log in. 

What is the key to avoiding getting banned? First, you have to create and use the profile according to the country that you have chosen. For instance, you have to be consistent in logging in to your account with the same country to avoid confusion. It would be impossible for two accounts to log in simultaneously with different time zones each. Being consistent is the key.

Are free mobile proxies safe to use?

There are countless free ones. But the real question is, are they safe?

Free mobile proxies are acceptable, but they can be dangerous. It gives your account a higher chance of getting banned, primarily if the previous users didn’t appropriately use the IP address. You might have a hard time because these free proxies may be blocked already.

So, it is best to invest your money in paid mobile proxies because they are safe, and you can make your internet experience enjoyable.


Overall, using a mobile proxy is an excellent idea, primarily working as a social media manager. You are sure that you remain anonymous as you continue to perform your tasks using the internet. 

However, if you want good results, then you should invest. Using free mobile proxies can be very risky. So, having an exclusive IP address can be the best solution. 

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