Understanding Shared Proxies With TheSocialProxy

Shared proxies are IP addresses that are shared between multiple users. This type of proxy is inferior to a private proxy. However, they can be used for the vast majority of internet tasks. Shared proxies are typically the least expensive sort of proxy.

As you are undoubtedly well aware, your IP address functions similarly to an identification number, containing all pertinent information about you. Therefore, if you’re seeking a way to hide your IP address and remain anonymous while pulling data from the internet, you’re going to require proxies.

Shared Proxies 

When it comes to shared proxies, they are primarily utilized by those who wish to browse the web anonymously and circumvent web filtering. Additionally, you can use them to connect to websites from a certain place.

They can be used to browse the web anonymously, access certain content on certain media streaming services, or circumvent geo-restrictions by employing proxies from a specific region, such as a United Kingdom proxy server. Although, if you want to boost your online privacy for personal usage, a VPN may be a better option, as detailed in our blog post Proxy vs VPN.

What Are Its Benefits?

Shared Proxies More Affordable

  • Their primary advantage over dedicated proxies is that they are typically less expensive. This is the most common reason why some people choose a shared IP.
  • Because proxy companies sell the same IP addresses to multiple consumers, maintaining shared proxy servers is far less expensive. Providers can pool their resources and offer a more competitive price.
  • In some circumstances, they may be a realistic solution for newcomers to experiment with until they determine the precise requirements for their project while keeping the initial expenditures low.

Suitable for Most Scraping Tools

  • They can be advantageous when used in conjunction with specialized web scraping tools, as long as the target website does not block the associated IP address.

Very Anonymous

  • Let us not overlook that they provide a high level of anonymity, as it is nearly impossible to identify a single user when numerous users use the same IP address.


  • One could argue that sharing an IP address is just as efficient and effective as semi-private or private proxies.
  • Obviously, it depends on the user’s requirements, but if you purchase shared proxies from a reliable proxy service, you can usually count on the provider optimizing the usage of these proxies each user.

The Takeaway

What is a shared proxy, then? To summarize, enterprises and businesses use these type of proxies to filter content, whereas private individuals use them to unblock prohibited information and browse the internet anonymously.

When it comes to deciding whether to use a shared or dedicated proxy, it is entirely up to you. Dedicated proxies are faster and more reliable, whereas shared proxies are less expensive.

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