Do you accept Crypto ( USDT, ETH, Bitcoin)?

Currently, the official payment methods we do accept are PayPal and credit cards. As for cryptocurrency payments, we only make exceptions for those clients who have decided to buy in bulk and are willing to do KYC (Know Your Customer) process in order for us to verify our customer’s identity. The verification shall be done through submitting a valid ID/billing statement and/or documents.

Please let us know how many proxies you want to purchase so we can tell you if we can consider cryptocurrency as your payment.

Should you have further questions, you may reach out to us as we are 24/7 available through our live chat. Please feel free to contact us.

For your queries, suggestions, and/or clarifications, you may refer to these point-of-contact information.

Business/Developer Support  : The Social Proxy Information Desk (

Sales                                       : The Social Proxy Sales (

General and Technical Support : The Social Proxy Support (

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