How can I start receiving invoices for completed transactions?

Receiving invoices and/or receipts depends on the payment method you used. As for PayPal, actual invoices are sent directly to the email address you registered on the site. On the other hand, if you paid via credit card, you will only acquire payment receipts as invoices are not mandatory for the US companies. However, if you wish to ask for an invoice, we are more than happy to send it to you via email. 

If you need a customized invoice and want to include your complete company details and billing address, kindly send us the complete information to Subject line: [name of the client]_Invoice Request

In case you won’t be able to find the said invoice/receipt in your inbox, please try to check your spam folder. Anyhow, we can resend you the said documents if you were not able to receive them on your side. 

Should you have further questions, you may reach out to us as we are available 24/7 through our live chat. Please feel free to contact us.

For your queries, suggestions, and/or clarifications, you may refer to these point-of-contact information.

Business/Developer Support  : The Social Proxy Information Desk (

Sales                                       : The Social Proxy Sales (

General and Technical Support : The Social Proxy Support (

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