Is there a chance that your IPs will be blacklisted?

Carrier Grade NAT, also known as CGNAT, is a technology that is used by all telecom companies and is what gives mobile proxies their great value. In an IPv4 network design, CGNAT is a sort of network address translation that enables several users to share a single output IP address.

This means that if a website detects scraping activity from a certain IP address, they will typically decide to prohibit that IP. However, the website would also be blocking hundreds or possibly thousands of other actual cell phone users if it were to restrict a mobile IP! When you utilize mobile proxies, bans happen less frequently since website owners are less likely to prohibit an IP address if they know that legitimate users are accessing it. This enables you to effectively collect all the data you are scraping for!

Hence, to answer the question, no. Our proxies’ IPs are never blacklisted and are safe to use.

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