What is your refund policy?

We would love to clarify this important query. As for the refund policy, it is indicated in our Terms of Service that it is only covered by a 3-day timeframe. This means if you bought a proxy today (let’s say that it’s August 1, 2022), you will only have till August 4, 2022 at 12mn IL time to request for a refund regardless of the reasons you have. 

But we hope we will not get to the part where you need that information. Should you have concerns regarding the proxies you bought, we are more than glad to assist you. 

Should you have further questions, you may reach out to us as we are available 24/7 through our live chat. Please feel free to contact us. For your queries, suggestions, and/or clarifications, you may refer to these point-of-contact information.Business/Developer Support  : The Social Proxy Information Desk ( Sales                                       : The Social Proxy Sales ( and Technical Support : The Social Proxy Support (

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