How to Use The Social Proxy's 4G & 5G Proxy for Multilogin

Proxy for Multilogin? Multilogin is a program that enables users to have numerous virtual browser profiles. The important takeaway is that these virtual browser profiles eliminate the need for different computers to manage various accounts. Rather than using physical devices like in the past, you now have the option of employing simulated physical devices. Using proxy servers, each of the browser profiles will have its own set of cookies, local storage, cache, and IP address. Due to this distinct browser environment, websites have a tough time detecting which accounts they manage.

How to configure Multilogin to use a proxy server?

1. Within Multilogin, click New Browser Profile.

6. Click Edit Proxy Settings.

7. Under Connection Type choose HTTP proxy.

8. Choose your protocol under Proxy Type.

9. IP or Host:

10. Port: 10000.

12. Click Check Proxy.

The Bottom Line

Proxies are the deciding factor when it comes to managing several accounts. They provide you with a different IP address from the one associated with your computer. This, combined with the distinct browser profiles, anti-fingerprinting measures, and collaboration capabilities, makes Multilogin the ideal program for virtualizing numerous machines. First, however, you must ensure that the proxies you use are of excellent quality, undetectable, and will not connect to your actual IP address.

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