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Uses of A Reverse Proxy: What Are They? — The Social Proxy

Uses of A Reverse Proxy: What Are They? If you are interested in learning the uses of a reverse proxy, we made a blog to guide you through why, how, and when to implement it. Read on for more information.   Uses of A Reverse Proxy in Detail Security  With a reverse proxy in place, web servers are more secure from attacks because they won’t divulge their real IP addresses. Their origin servers are safe, and attackers would find it more challenging to target them directly. Any attack would only be able to reach the reverse proxy.    Encryption with SSL  For the origin server, encrypting and decrypting SSL connections can be a time-consuming procedure. So instead, decrypt and encrypt incoming requests and outgoing answers,

Reverse Proxy: Understanding it with The Social Proxy

Understanding Reverse Proxy with The Social Proxy A proxy, in its broadest sense, serves as an intermediary server. With a proxy, your requests are not routed directly from your computer to the target webserver. Rather than going directly to the web, they transit through the proxy’s server. As such, they provide an additional layer of security by anonymizing your internet actions. There are numerous sorts of proxies, and each one offers unique capabilities. A reverse proxy is a form of proxy; nevertheless, what is it, and how does it work? Defining a Proxy Server A proxy server is referred to as a forward proxy. This is because it intercepts queries sent by client workstations and forwards them to the web on their behalf. Thus, rather

7 Awesome Reasons Why Residential Proxies Are Important

7 Awesome Reasons Why Residential Proxies Are Important Now let’s talk about why residential proxies are important. In today’s age, internet safety is a major problem. With hackers on the one hand and ridiculous restrictions on the other, it is the common man who is harmed in the midst of it all. As a result, it is prudent for everyone to begin investing in internet security. Residential proxies are the greatest and most secure solution, and if you’re still unsure if you need one, here are five reasons why you should acquire one immediately. 1. Absolute Privacy You are guaranteed complete anonymity in all of your internet activity when you utilize a home proxy. This safeguards your data against theft by unscrupulous hackers. Even if

SOCKS and HTTP Proxy: What Are Their Differences?

SOCKS and HTTP Proxy: What Are Their Differences? SOCKS and HTTP Proxy: Determine when it is appropriate to use SOCKS and when it is appropriate to use HTTP. Defining a Proxy Server Proxy servers are an excellent way to facilitate access to any website or page via your browser. Your identity is concealed. For instance, if you want to access data from a corporation located in another country, all you need to do is use a proxy server. If a website only allows people from their country to access it, the proxy server will conceal your location and make you appear to be a resident of that company’s headquarters. Thus, nobody will suspect that you are accessing companies’ data from India. You may easily carry

What Are Mobile Proxies: Everything to Know About It

What Are Mobile Proxies: Everything to Know About It What are Mobile Proxies? Does that ring a bell? People are familiar with proxies but are very not familiar with mobile proxies. This article aims to address all your questions about them. Through this blog, you will understand: What are they  Why are they needed and; If it is okay to use a free one What are Mobile Proxies? Generally, a proxy server makes you anonymous when using the internet. This is because it hides your IP address. A mobile proxy has something to do with a mobile device. Your mobile device acts like a proxy server that makes you access the internet using your mobile data allocation. You became anonymous because your internet provider gives

Understanding Proxies: Private, Mobile and Residential Proxies

Understanding Proxies: Private, Mobile and Residential Proxies Looking forward to understanding proxies today? Read on… Internet privacy has always been an issue for most people. This is why the words mobile and residential proxies have stormed the news feeds of most individuals. Despite being familiar with these terms, not all truly understand what residential and mobile proxies are and how they truly work. This article aims to give you information about residential and mobile proxies, especially about their differences, their advantages and disadvantages, and if they will work for you.    Understanding Proxies: Definition and Facts Have you ever tried accessing some sites, and you were prohibited from entering them? This means your IP address was detected to be in another place. Your IP address

What are Residential Proxies, and How Do They Work?

What are Residential Proxies, and How Do They Work? Proxy Server: How is it defined? Privacy, especially in using the internet, is a necessity. This is why using a proxy network is essential. Let us guide you through how proxies, especially residential proxies, work for you. A proxy server serves as an intermediary between the user and the internet. It is like a firewall that prevents personal information from protection.  Residential IP Address: What is it, and how does it work? The IP address or Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers divided by periods. Moreover, the IANA or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority assigns them. On the other hand, a residential IP address is a set of numbers from your Internet Service Provider. This number

Proxy VS VPN: What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Proxy VS VPN: What’s The Difference Between The Two? Proxy VS VPN, what’s their difference?  The internet is a prominent place to be in. It is full of information, and it is full of wonders, but it could be a scary place to be in. The Internet can be a place of fraud where your safety and security can be at stake and is a place where your personal information can be stolen. So, if you value your security, it is the right time to use a proxy server. But a proxy server is often interchangeably used with a virtual private network or a VPN. Are you one of those who get confused? Then you should continue reading.   Proxy VS VPN: How different are


5G Networks + 4G Networks: Their Differences, and the Transition

5G Networks + 4G Networks: Their Differences, and the Transition Consumers eagerly awaited the arrival of fifth-generation (5G) wireless network technology, which promises a slew of new benefits for their everyday lives. Some, on the other hand, have doubts and questions about the obstacles they might face. Will 4G phones be compatible with 5G networks? When is 5G going to be available? We’ll answer these questions and clarify how its arrival would impact current 4G networks in this post. What is a 5G Network? The fifth-generation mobile network is called 5G. Multi-gigabit per second peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, enhanced reliability, massive network capacity, expanded coverage, and a more reliable user experience for a greater number of users are all features of 5G wireless technology.


Mobile Proxies: Why Do They Cost More And Are They Worth It?

Why 4G Proxies Cost More: A Guide to Purchasing Reliable Mobile Proxies Are you wondering whether you should get mobile proxies? Almost everybody these days uses the internet for some reason or another. And, in light of recent events, we’ve all felt compelled to operate as much as possible online. Businesses, takeout restaurants, and even schools have gone online. The internet, as useful and dynamic as it is, still has flaws. Businesses are becoming more concerned about cybercrime. Even if you aren’t a company owner, you are vulnerable to cybercrime. Cybercriminals can use your IP address to track down your location and other personal details. Simply put, cybersecurity must take precedence. One solution for avoiding security breaches is by using proxies. And one of the

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